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Bluum Review/Unboxing! ~Monthly Subscription for Babies & Toddler~

  • MommyLuzTV: Omg! I just came across your channel. Thanks for sharing.
  • XXHeyitslucy XX: She starts doing it at 5:5
  • jodi Brazel: Citrus lane is the other one you're thinking of
  • Mimis Quest: Gosh, you're looking amazing!
  • victoriabr31: It looks like you lost a lot of weight. Congratulations!
  • Alleigha Tachelle: Omg you look awesome, you face is shape has changed. You are my motivation I'm trying to lose 25 pounds by October. I think I will feel better about myself if I do.
  • EGH Video Production By Shay: Lookin' awesome! Your face is getting less round from your efforts to lose weight. Keep up the good work!