Hauntingly beautiful baby names you have not heard

Pronounced “Heck-a-tee,” this ancient and epic name is both appealing and effective. Based on mythology, Hecate (sometimes typed Hekate) would be a goddess who had been connected with witchcraft, magic, doorways, creatures from the night, and also the moon itself. However, she seemed to be a protector of crossroads. Furthermore, because the ancient greek language poet Hesoid stated, she would be a great supporter of “players, athletes, hunters, horsemen, herdsmen, shepherds, fishermen, and kids.”

Hauntingly beautiful baby names you have not heard lot to complete

Hecate also particularly seems in Shakespeare’s Macbeth, filled with ominous tidings: “I’ve got a lot to complete before noon/An essential droplet is hanging from a corner of the moon.” Fans of Showtimes’ now regrettably defunct (but hit) series Cent Dreadful may also be acquainted with Hecate Poole, the shapeshifting but ultimately decent (if conflicted) witchy seductress who falls deeply in love with Josh Hartnett’s Ethan Chandler, themself an periodic werewolf.

Using its Shakespearean, mythological, and popular culture associations, then, Hecate is really a sure champion. And you may virtually be assured that not one other kid within the school (or on the market) will have the name, therefore if it’s uniqueness you are after, Hecate could just be the right moniker for your own personel adorable little witchy goddess.

Hauntingly beautiful baby names you have not heard culture associations, then

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Hauntingly Beautiful Baby Names You Haven't Heard Before

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  • water melonz: MY NAME 5:09 !!!
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