Toddlers (1-24 months old)

Toddlers (1-24 months old) they play, learn

Developmental Milestones

Skills for example going for a initial step, smiling the very first time, and waving “bye-bye” are known as developmental milestones. Developmental milestones are things most kids can perform with a certain age. Children achieve milestones in the way they play, learn, speak, behave, and move (like crawling, walking, or jumping).

Toddlers (1-24 months old) you are able

Throughout the second year, toddlers are getting around more, and know about their and themselves surroundings. Their need to explore new objects and individuals is also growing. In this stage, toddlers can have greater independence start to show defiant behavior recognize themselves in pictures or perhaps a mirror and imitate the behaviour of others, especially adults and older kids. Toddlers also will be able to recognize what they are called of familiar people and objects, form simple phrases and sentences, and follow simple instructions and directions.

Positive Parenting Tips

Following are the stuff you, being a parent, can perform to assist your child during this period:

  • Read for your toddler daily.
  • Ask her to locate objects for you personally or name parts of the body and objects.
  • Play matching games together with your toddler, like shape sorting and straightforward puzzles.
  • Encourage him to understand more about and check out something totally new.
  • Assistance to build up your toddler’s language by speaking together with her and contributing to words she starts. For instance, in case your toddler states “baba”, you are able to respond, “Yes, you’re right―that is really a bottle.”
  • Encourage your son or daughter’s growing independence allowing him assist with dressing themself and feeding themself.
  • React to wanted behaviors greater than you punish undesirable behaviors (only use very brief time outs). Always tell or show your son or daughter what she must do rather.
  • Encourage your child’s curiosity and skill to acknowledge common objects if you take field journeys together towards the park or a weight bus ride.

Child Safety First

Since your child is getting around more, he will see more dangers too. Harmful situations can occur rapidly, so keep an eye on your son or daughter. Listed here are a couple of tips to keep your growing toddler safe:

  • Don’t leave your child near or around water (for instance, bathtubs, pools, ponds, ponds, whirlpools, or even the sea) without someone watching her. Fence off backyard pools. Drowning may be the leading reason for injuries and dying among this age bracket.
  • Include stairs having a small gate or fence. Lock doorways to harmful places like the garage or basement.
  • Make sure that your house is toddler proof by putting plug covers on all unused electrical outlets.
  • Keep appliances, irons, and heaters from achieve of the toddler. Turn pot handles toward the rear of the stove.
  • Keep sharp objects for example scissors, knives, and pens inside a rut.
  • Secure medicines, household cleaners, and poisons.
  • Don’t leave your child alone in almost any vehicle (which means a vehicle, truck, or van) for a couple of moments.
  • Store any guns inside a rut from his achieve.
  • Keep the child’s vehicle seat rear-facing as lengthy as you possibly can. Based on the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Cdc-pdf[1.15 MB / 1 page]Exterior it’s the easiest method to keep her safe. Your son or daughter should stay in a rear-facing vehicle seat until she reaches the very best height or weight limit permitted through the vehicle seat’s manufacturer. When your child outgrows the trunk-facing vehicle seat, she is able to travel inside a forward-facing vehicle seat having a harness.


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