Toddler class ages 18 several weeks to 36 several weeks


Have you got a toddler 18 several weeks to 30 several weeks who's ready for that preschool setting? If that's the case, we've great news for you personally.

Our toddler community offers an atmosphere that is carefully ready to satisfy the unique requirements of this age bracket. Our classroom accommodates children 18 to 30 several weeks old with one teacher for each seven students.


Within this setting the kids truly feel the classroom belongs to them peaceful, special space where they play a significant role in their own individual care and also the proper care of their atmosphere. All furnishings are a size that enables maximum independence, and also the Montessori toddler materials are created to be attractive and welcoming towards the children.

Toddler class ages 18 several weeks to 36 several weeks to 30 several weeks


Trained with a Montessori toddler teacher, this program for that youngest group at our school acknowledges that the child’s thoughts are most absorbent throughout the first 3 years of existence.


Due to what Dr. Maria Montessori termed &quotthe absorbent mind&quot, children develop many language and motor skills without formal instruction, as lengthy his or her atmosphere is wealthy with learning possibilities.


The main objective of our toddler program is to produce a nurturing and secure atmosphere where youthful children can perform the things they're doing best – explore everything! The primary focus is language and motor development, assisting the kid in developing self-help skills (including toilet-training), and helping children build rely upon relationships.

Toddler class ages 18 several weeks to 36 several weeks an atmosphere


The whole toddler atmosphere is made to permit the children to understand more about and also to develop concentration and coordination. The teachers take notice of the children every day and monitor their development and readiness. Social interaction, vocabulary skills, independence, preparing food, outside play, music and movement activities are integral towards the Montessori toddler experience.

Toddler class ages 18 several weeks to 36 several weeks instruction, as lengthy his or


The hrs from the full day Monroe Montessori toddler class come from 8:30-3:30 Monday through Friday. Half day options (8:30-11:30), 4 day week and extended care can be found by request. (See Summer time School page for Toddler Class options that come from June.)


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