Activity suggestions for 12-18 month-olds — moments with miss

This can be a publish which i have desired to publish for some time now (clearly- since Kade has become two *face palm*) but simply never got around into it. I’ve lately had many people achieve to me saying such things as “I wish to do activities with my __-month-old but I’m not sure how to start!” Or simply requesting advice/direction/ideas when it comes to activities and crafts for babies within year. I labeled this publish more for 12-18 month-olds but a number of from the activities might be done when your child can sit unsupported and grasp objects.

Activity suggestions for 12-18 month-olds — moments with miss wish to do activities with

I additionally labeled this publish like a “daily rotation of activities.” Used to do this as this was the way i setup many of these activities a few days we really did them and that i photographed them. Kyle was traveling for work now and that i thought about being prepared with fun, new-ant things to do and materials to understand more about to ensure that I did not lose my sanity through the finish each week and thus that Kade was entertained and never bored playing with similar old toys. Yes, this required a substantial amount of set-up the weekend before however it honestly made our week run A Lot smoother also it was far more enjoyable for the two of us.

When Kade was this age, I attempted to change out his toys within our primary play spaces once per week. This helped to help keep things fresh and exciting. Even when these were toys he’d seen before, if he did not discover their whereabouts as frequently, these were more intriguing and would keep his attention and concentrate a bit longer of your time. With this publish, I’ll undergo each day and briefly explain each one of the activities or developmentally appropriate toys which i had put down for him to understand more about on that day. I’ll also link any materials used when and where I’m able to for the reference. Hopefully a few of these ideas are useful!

Activity suggestions for 12-18 month-olds — moments with miss did not discover their

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