14-Month-old not walking: in the event you worry?

In case your baby isn’t walking by 14 several weeks, your concerns are understandable. You would like your son or daughter to achieve milestones, and you wouldn’t want your child to lag behind other kids of similar age. However a baby being not able just to walk at 14 several weeks is not usually suggestive of an issue. Although some babies begin walking before 12 several weeks, others don’t walk until 16 or 17 several weeks.

To find out whether your baby’s lack of ability just to walk is really a reason to be concerned, think about the main issue. For instance, although your child is not able just to walk at 14 several weeks, if you notice that the baby has the capacity to perform other motor skills quickly and easily, like standing alone, pulling on furniture, and bouncing up and lower.

They are signs that the baby’s motor skills are developing. Therefore, you might witness their steps soon. Still monitor your baby’s progress. In case your baby does not walk by age 18 several weeks, engage with your physician.

14-Month-old not walking: in the event you worry? 12 several weeks

It’s also wise to speak to your physician if you think your baby’s motor skills aren’t developing correctly. This can be the situation in case your 14-month-old is not able to face, pull-up, or bounce.

You’ll want to understand that some babies born prematurely begin walking after children of the identical age. In case your baby was premature, don’t immediately panic over their lack of ability just to walk. Make use of your child’s adjusted age when tracking developmental milestones. The adjusted age is dependant on your baby’s original deadline.

14-Month-old not walking: in the event you worry? adjusted age

For those who have a 14-month-old, however, you gave birth three several weeks early, your baby’s adjusted age is 11 several weeks. Within this situation, it might take your child yet another 2 to 3 several weeks to learn to balance and walk, that is normal. Take it easy. In all probability, your child will get caught up.

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  • seanzz the legend: hi my baby is 11months now but she cant sit from laying down,, but she can walk when put in a walker,,im so worried about it and i already went to my pediatrician,,i was advice to wait for another 2 months and if shes not doing it after 2 month she will have to undergo neuro test and do physical therapy,,,,i hope she will be ok
  • Aqsa Ali: My son is 12month old walking 5 10 step .but not stand up
  • chinonso imoh: Thank u so much for the encouragement,my baby is 14months have been very worried but with this ur video my mind is at rest.
  • Emma Nguyenn: My daughter is turning 3 in 4 months .she is still not walking yet. She crawls very fast, climbing, standing.we checked with pedestrians .a lot of blood tests . Nothing wrong with her. :(. Don’t know why she is not walking. Doctors kept saying wait . But I don’t know how long I have to wait .