Anchors aweigh

Yay viability! 24 days may be the week doctors say this baby could survive if born. It is a fun milestone, but please remain in for some time longer, little man. I’m also able to formally say I’m 6 several weeks pregnant, that is crazy! It’s flying by but simultaneously, Personally i think farther along than simply 24 days. I look larger than 24 days too. )

Anchors aweigh

I can tell and feel kicks in the outdoors now, that is awesome! Parker can seem to be the infant move so we may even see my stomach move every so often. Little man keeps growing inside!

We have arrived at the purpose within our program where I must pee all. the. time. It is a little inconvenient after i am on an outing with my toddler and I must look for a bathroom every hour.

I have began feeling some pelvic discomfort since i have am transporting so low. I’d this with Preston too, however i don’t remember it beginning this early.

I forget just how much my stomach protrudes and also encounter things. Oops!

Lastly, and thus glamorously, bloody noses is really a weird but normal pregnancy symptom that happened a couple of occasions now.

I’m still feeling lacking breath, however i don’t believe that certain goes away when i still get larger and larger!


The U.S. Navy Song (Anchors Aweigh)

  • TheLostfoundation: guys my bad a that one pic i should have looked at them more closely. again real sorry for that
  • Michael Gorzelnik: any one who watches this PATRIOTIC 100
  • GamerGalRush 04: Thank you everyone who serves in any branch of the United States ?? military
  • neal favreau: Ship's do not work on solar panels…your home might…planes do not work on solar panels….your enemy wants you to…neither do tanks…If you think Russia or Chinese government want to protect and safeguard your children you are naïve….
  • Laney Jordan: I’m joining the Navy! It’s already set!
  • neal favreau: I will bet you chinese and russian navies are drilling for action…to protect and defend…their own…
  • neal favreau: Army transportation divisions suffered during Iraq war because they were bconsidered non- combatants….look up history and the dilemma of a female driver captured and abused…do you think the enemy cares wether you are a non combatant and just supply….She was rescued…Be careful you understand when you sign the dotted line that you are willing to die for your country???? Not just for college fund??? If you do it for God. country and family=)
  • Brandon Gonzales: God bless the USA and thank you to my great grandpa I will join the military to
  • Elizabeth Giovi: I joined Sea Cadets in January. Best desicion I ever made