Father stops baby’s crying with “om” chant – watch this father stop his baby’s crying within minutes

Around three seconds into her dad’s “om,” Divina stopped crying — much like that. Because he ongoing the chant, her eyes gradually closed, by the finish from it, she was asleep (or at best inside a calm, trance-like condition). I’ll admit, even my eyes glazed over during Eisenman’s “om.” It’s that soothing.

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<p>Eisenman later published his baby-calming magic inside a separate Facebook video, using the hashtag ‘HowToStopACryingBaby.’ With more than 28 millions views and 300,000 shares, it’s reliable advice that Internet parents are completely impressed. ‘My doctor explained that humming noises, like a vacuum, imitate your pulsing heartbeat while in utero,’ one commenter authored. ‘Therefore, babies like it.’</p>
<p>But (here we are at the new question) does Eisenman’s trick actually work? Eisenman designed a follow-up video explaining he does not ‘believe anything happens two times exactly the same way’ — however he began to prevent Divina’s crying again, while using chant. ‘So everybody knows we did ‘om’ to her whilst in the womb, and she or he was really birthed into our family room with Thai Buddhist priests were chanting over YouTube.’</p>
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<p>Resourse: https://goodhousekeeping.com/existence/parenting/news/a43936/father-stops-baby-crying-om/</p>
<h3>Newborn Stops Crying Every Time Dad Chants "Om" – 1017135</h3>
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  • Toady Home: I’m the worst singer you ever heard( proven) and my son went to sleep every night to my dulcet tones. This brought back memories. Great post.
  • Diana Dobson: That was so adorable your baby is beautiful.❤??
  • Chuck Fern: He's gone Hindu on you.