Beach with kids: sanity savers and the thing you need inside your beach bag

  • BRING Plenty Of Smaller sized BAGS: A large beach bag could possibly get unmanageable. I’ve found that keeping smaller sized bags in the large waterproof beach bag is the simplest way to remain organized by the pool with kids! Particularly, I personally use three bags:
  • Large waterproof beach bag- I really like mine that has lasted me 8 years!
  • small rinsable, breathable bag for sandy toys- these bags are super helpful and therefore are multiple-use
  • wet bag for sun block, wet swimsuits
  • For that grown-ups: I usually have my water bottle
  • For the children: My children begin using these but due to the straws, I don’t bring them towards the beach. I take affordable water bottles and refill all of them with my cold water an additional insulated water bottle.
  • Don’t your investment food: cheese sticks, fruit, napkins all are actually excellent snacks

babysitter notes

  • Ensure That It Stays Awesome: Bring a cooler stacked with snacks! I really like that one because of its quick access and it is fun colors!


iconic vines that changed the world

  • Gianna Gomez: I have watched this video like 50 times and it still hasn’t got old ??
  • peachy jimin: we have all seen these vines atleast one time
  • _ depressedbutcute _: 1:29 OH GOD I GOT FLASHBACKS
  • Laurentius: Why?
  • Imad Jusic: 4:21 tho
  • wahidd18: black culture………….. really good influence to children
  • Tropical Kings: 2019?
  • bellatrix psychic: 2:36 which song is thaaatt
  • Amal: sorry but 7:22 takes the CAKE