3 Sanity-saving baby hacks for brand new moms – mommy’s bundle

1. Nose Frieda

Be it winter or allergic reactions, there comes a period when mother or father will have to obvious baby’s nose. It might feel strange to “suck” out baby boogers, however the nose frieda is really a painless method to obvious individuals boogies quickly!

2. Safety Harness (also known as Leash)

Before you decide to close this article in shock, consider it. When your baby is a touch older and turns into a toddler, things will likely obtain a little hectic. Much more then when you’re a mother to some baby, toddler and perhaps a mature child and want a method to monitor all kids when in public. This kid-safe harness or “leash” is essential for individuals who’ve a rambunctious toddler and runner!

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3. Traveling Poncho

We’ve all learned about the risks of putting on bulky jackets within the vehicle during winter. But how can you place a baby or toddler inside a freezing vehicle in the center of winter? Have no fear, simply have your son or daughter put on this adorable traveling poncho. It is going Within the safety belts serving as a hot blanket to maintain your child happy when you wait for a vehicle to obtain comfy! Genius!

Resourse: https://mommysbundle.com/18-sanity-saving-baby-products-for-new-moms/

Life-changing Car Hacks (that ACTUALLY work!)

  • Alexis Tetreault: What kind of car is that?? I really like it!
  • Samantha_ Gale1900: Long car trips we were made to pre in cups with guys in the car
  • Al3N: whats the brand and model of the van? 🙂
  • Kat Gat: What van do you have?
  • Kate B: You are a mom genius! You need a medal!
  • Kristah Johnson: If you have an 8 year old and younger kids you should really have 5 car seats in your car! All of your kids need to be in car seats until at least 10 years old! So scary to me!!!
  • Da’Jon T.: Diaper hack is a real thing! I have a 2 hour commute home and forgot to pee before leaving work! Grabbed my 2 year olds emergency diaper and went at it! (SLOWLY! CANT GO FULL FORCE OR YOULL PEE EVERYWHERE) I need a she-wee for sure! Great hacks
  • Mummy Makeup: I’m so in love with this car!!!
  • CP: What brand and model is your car . It's AMaaaaaaaaaZing
  • Mozey’s Whim: What type of van do you have? Loved your video! I am expecting my 5th child at the end of summer and we need to upgrade our vehicle to be able to seat 7. Loved all your tips—car hacks I’ve used since having kids are: if my car has those annoying cup holders that drinks are always flying out of when going around turns, I’ll put one of those foam beer holder/cooler thingies in the cup holder and it keep the drinks from falling out. Also, baby wipes, extra clothes for everyone, dog training pads to go on the floor under the toddler or baby’s seat to catch messes, car diffuser (I like that instead of the car fresheners), a medicine bag with the things I might need when out and about, like Benadryl (I have a kid who is always breaking out in random hives—we still can’t figure out his triggers), my oils, thermometer, etc… thanks for the video!!