Pregnancy video: early signs


Noah: Lengthy

before modern-day pregnancy

tests, if your lady desired to find

it if she was pregnant,

she required the rabbit test, which

was stopped because women

felt weird about peeing

on rabbits.

Leah: OK, OK.

What he just stated isn’t true.

And you will find other early signs

of being pregnant that do not involve



Apart from morning sickness,

[TOILET FLUSHING] nearly as soon

like a lady will get pregnant,

you will find changes

within the breasts.

Noah: That is because the chest

are intending to feed the infant.

Leah: Individuals changes can include

tenderness, tingling

with temperature change,

and growing an entire cup size.

Noah: The areolas will darken,

and also the small glands

around the areola’s surface

become elevated and bumpy.

These bumps produce

an oily substance that keeps

your nipples from cracking

or becoming dry.

Leah: But what’s also

surprising is the fact that with all of this

happening, a ladies libido

Pregnancy video: early signs

really increases

within the first trimester

of being pregnant.

Noah: Yeah, (SINGING) boom,

chunk, bop, bop.

Leah: No, it’s brown chicken,

brown cow.

Anyway, if you have been doing

some (SINGING) brown chicken,

brown cow (SPEAKING)

and also have these signs and symptoms,

you might like to take

getting pregnant test.

Noah: Or simply pee on the rabbit.

Leah: Stop stating that.

Are we able to obtain a disclaimer?

Pregnancy video: early signs

Noah: (SINGING) Bom chick a boop


Leah: That isn’t even close.

Not really just a little.



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