Pregnancy photo shoot featuring alligator goes viral

One pregnant woman sure understands how to set the web ablaze.

Pregnancy photo shoot featuring alligator goes viral which are folded

Lindsey Tuttle, a processing manager and mortician-in-training from Tampa, wasn’t interested in traditional pregnancy photo shoots, featuring women that are pregnant frolicking through nature.

Pregnancy photo shoot featuring alligator goes viral condition flag of Florida

The concept on her less-than-traditional photo shoot found Tuttle whenever a friend, the master of an outlet known as Structural Elegance, had some reptiles within the store to have an event. She rented an alligator for that shoot, and it will be photo taking history.

Saying she was taking a “swamp trailer-park chic” look, Tuttle is pictured in her own maternity shoot cradling an infant alligator named Fred. On the floor alongside her and her husband sits a situation of Bud Light along with a shotgun, combined with the condition flag of Florida flapping within the wind. Tuttle is putting on boots and unzipped jeans shorts which are folded lower to show being pregnant in most its glory.

Pregnancy photo shoot featuring alligator goes viral of an outlet

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