Major study finds pregnancy issue really associated with autism, and it is not vaccines

New research of nearly 1.8 million children in Norway finds the risks for autism and depression are considerably greater in case your mother was hospitalised by having an infection while pregnant.

Major study finds pregnancy issue really associated with autism, and it is not vaccines while pregnant so

The outcomes develop a nascent but burgeoning concept that specific infections, when contracted while pregnant, may damage a developing brain, boosting the chance of psychological disorders developing later in existence, including conditions for example bpd, schizophrenia, depression, and autism.

This latest study, however, paints a much wider stroke. Rather of revealing a couple of bad infections, the authors discovered that the outcomes continued to be exactly the same set up hospitalisation was because of severe infections – like influenza, meningitis and pneumonia – or a lot more mild UTIs.

Major study finds pregnancy issue really associated with autism, and it is not vaccines The outcomes indicate

Quite simply, it is not always a particular virus, but infection generally that seems to become causing these complaints, also it appears is the situation even if your affliction can’t achieve the fetal brain.

“The outcomes indicate that safeguarding against and stopping infection while pregnant so far as possible by, for example, following flu vaccination recommendations, might be known as for,” states Verena Sengpiel, a specialist in obstetrics and gynaecology in the College of Gothenburg.


Study finds no evidence of link between measles vaccine and autism

  • hamza abdirahman: Vaccine = autism
  • texling93: No study in US?
  • AssassinDJR: absolutely ridiculous, if you actually look at the other side of this you’ll come to find thousands of families that once had normal healthy babies but then vaccinated them and they got autism, ive even seen a family that had triplets that were perfectly fine, after receiving their vaccines they ALL got autism! coincidence? i think not, at the end of the day this earth was designed for us, we were made to live here and a child is in no need of a vaccine, good idea: take care of the sickness IF it happens. don’t trust the vaccines
  • Kristen berer: Notice this story doesn't mention the other 30+ vaccines. There is no testing for safety in vaccinations
  • TheIxtlan: Measles vaccination is not good. I believe it cause autism. I also don't trust flu vaccine. It's all for profit money making. We live in a greedy world all for profits. Someone spreading measles intentionally infecting lots of kids and they tell you get the vaccination. It's an old business trick. This vaccine makes kids develop low intelligence. Rich parents don't get their kid vaccinated because they know.
  • corysagaming: 95% of the people they studied were vaccinated. 1 out of 100 ended up with Autism. They claim no connection and shout "Science". And some of you fall for it.
  • Etu Nimi: Based on This Study to Say (CLAIM) that the MMR vaccine DOESNT cause Autism…Is like going to The North Pole and claim that Lions cant exist…Because One cant see Any there..Denmark gives a FRACTION of Vaccines to Their Children Versus for example the USA…

    The MMR Vaccine…Is PROVED to make the Vaccinated childrens Gutflora toxic…That triggers the Autistic behavior…PROVEN !!!!

    This is again a Bought Study…By the Scared Vaccine Industry…To try to Disprove….People Waking Up to Their Toxic liquids…

  • John Curran: Where is Sharyll Attkinson when you need her?!
  • John Ruder: We need a plague that destroys stupidity.
  • Mike Perkins: The religious are an obtuse lot.