Inadequate rates of screening for hyperlipidemia in females while pregnant – endocrinology consultant

Women that are pregnant are often not screened for maternal hyperlipidemia, representing a sizable missed chance to deal with its impact on both mother and fetal development. These studies will be provided in the American College of Cardiology’s 68th Annual Scientific Session & Expo, held March 16-18, 2019 in New Orleans.

Inadequate rates of screening for hyperlipidemia in females while pregnant - endocrinology consultant One of the

This retrospective analysis incorporated 5101 ladies who were seen between March 2009 and August 2018. These participants gave birth within the study’s 2 hospitals and compensated coming back visit inside a 180-day window of birth. The research researchers collected data on census and fat values.

One of the study participants, 78% (n=3989) weren’t administered fat screening before their hospital visit after giving birth. Among individuals who have been screened (n=1112 22%) for hyperlipidemia, elevated triglyceride levels (above 150 mg/dL) were present among 13% (n=150) and elevated total cholesterol (above 240 mg/dL) was present among 7% (n=83).

Inadequate rates of screening for hyperlipidemia in females while pregnant - endocrinology consultant study participants, 78

Ladies who were white-colored, older, coupled with diabetes, hypertension, or coronary heart were more prone to receive screening.

The research researchers conclude that “[these] data represent a missed chance to counsel and treat patients at high-risk of lengthy-term complications from maternal hyperlipidemia and address potential side effects that it may dress in fetal well-being … We are able to identify at-risk families and promote cascade screening when appropriate.”


The perfect treatment for diabetes and weight loss

  • Sean bassam: I have type 2 diabetes but I'm not fat, I got it because my Dad have and now I do have it , never like sugar or anything sweet just salty or spicy now if I fasting may not be goo for me ?
    Thank you
  • yehyeh: It's true for me! I've lost 15kg had weightloss surgery dropped insulin from 150units to 40units dropped tablets. Now 8 weeks later bsl going high again. Not eating many carbs no sugar. Work that out?????? Even after op and not really eating much other than some diet liquids and water i was sitting in a range of say 6 to 9.
    I'm not taking anymore insulin and my bsl is going up so what can be done for me??????
    Diet!!! I'm not eating bread or pasta!
    I'm practically fasting now ?.
  • Karen Warmbein: Wait, wait. We have known some of these things for a long time. He is not saying anything new.
    Also, he is misinforming people about a few things:
    — increase the protein and fiber in your diet, the ratios in what you are eating help
    — he is not correct about the “low” insulin level in T1
    — more and more, we are seeing cases where T2 is NOT just about insulin resistance, weight, etc. and cannot be reversed
  • nacir azzoug: Thank you Dr Jason for your advice and you are ready kind god bless you
  • Free Speech Advocate: diet, less stress, exercise, yoga, walking and less stress. The secret formula!
  • Rockie mountin: BS was 110 at 12:00am when I went to bed do to the GLIMEPIRIDE I took in the morning ,so I fast 24 hr, when I woke up my BS was 169 ml/dL so I took 1000 mg metformin and checked my BS 30 minutes later and it was 189 ml/dL so I took a 4mg GLIMEPIRIDE checked my BS about 1 hr later and it went down to 111, my question is am I just flooding my body with insulin and if so how will I ever revers my type 2 diabetes,do I fast and ignore the high BS and not take my meds? Or is there more to this that I am missing, thank you
  • Dustin Wright: How can a type 2 on Metformin begin fasting without hypoglycemic complications? The only solution I see is to get off the Metformin. Anyone have any experience with this scenario?
  • kenneth tamburro: Outstanding video ! I agree completely ! I was diagnosed with type 2 in 2011 . I have been controling it by diet for 8 years , without meds !
  • Marco Salamanca: Millions, billions of people fasted throughout history due to the fact that it was prescribed by the religious beliefs.
    And yet,
    Thanks to modern medicine the life expectancy of people nearly doubled..
    With this I do not want to go against Dr. Fung's statement, which are more than solid.
    I just would like to say that the truth, as usual, probably lies in the middle.
  • A.F.S.: Fast forward to 2019,,,,,at least 4 different TV commercials advertising Diabetes meds….playing music, showing people smiling and prancing around. Pathetic.