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Hello lovelies, I understand it’s been one minute since I’ve published and updated my pregnancy on here. The factor is I’ve a lot happening which i want to express all at one time it’s overwhelming! I’m writing my cook book, I’m pregnant, I’m focusing on content in my blog. Such things as clearly my pregnancy, recipes, mindset and wellness, and all sorts of things amazing plus my holistic health stuff I understand. Sometimes I do not know how to start first.

These past handful of days or even the past month I ought to say I’ve been buckling lower on my small photography in my cook book to be released fall of 2018. I love doing my very own photos, searching for inspiration, recipe making and eating (clearly) and doing the work all while pregs. Personally i think so accomplished. Kind of, LOL.

I’m also creating content in my YouTube funnel. I really like making videos and am feeling well informed while watching camera. Should you follow me on Instagram, you realize my tales are genuine and real and that i don’t sugar coat shit. I’m a genuine person not attempting to lead a “fake” existence like several is ideal because existence isn’t perfect, for anybody.

Pregnancy days 16-19 - neuroticmommy eyes match

With all of that being stated let’s proceed to Little Baby Cashew’s progress during the last 4 days. Fun and fascinating occasions i’ll just tell ya.

Week 16 – Cashew involved 4 inches lengthy and how big a pickle at 16 days. His ears were moving aside of his mind and that he was starting to hear sounds, like our voices for example. In this week this factor the doctors describe as “quickening” happens. That’s whenever you may go through the very first kick. For me personally it seems like stretching. It sometimes hurts and it is uncomfortable but doesnt last lengthy along with other occasions after i feel it, it doesn’t bother me whatsoever.

There have been no weird breakthroughs or signs and symptoms for me personally during week 16. Besides my ongoing red nose little else was unusual.

Physician Visit and Ultrasound – I selected my check-up but got a pap which thankfully returned normal. I additionally had my breasts examined while not a perfect time while pregnant however i do it properly for reassurance. I acquired more bloodstream try to check my bloodstream levels again, my iron and vitamin D, as well as multiple marker tests (MMT) to check on baby’s development. Within my ultrasound we weren’t capable of seeing much because Cashew was on his knees facing from the world (can ya blame him). There exists a handful of excellent shots of his spine and mind and that’s about this. I had been just happy he’s healthy and relaxing within the womb.

Week 17 – Now Cashew involved how big a pomegranate. His skeleton which was soft like cartilage was now developing into actual bone. While pregnant you need to make certain you’re getting enough calcium, magnesium, and all sorts of essential vitamins to aid healthy bone growth among just growing an individual within you (like it is not enough by itself to bother with right?!). His heartbeat can be 150 occasions one minute and today controlled by his brain instead of beating randomly times. He’s increasingly responsive to light, seem, smell and touch and the legs and arms have arrived at equal proportions. How freakin awesome!

Are we able to discuss round ligament discomfort for any minute. Holy shit that hurts. I had been in Trader Joe’s doing my usual shopping, enjoying myself, trying out some free product samples and boom out of the blue this sharp discomfort within my left side had be breathless for any minute. I couldn’t walk. To tell the truth it frightened me. It’s been happening off and on so now we all know what to anticipate however when it hits, boy will it make my eyes match. They are saying you are feeling it also more on your second pregnancy plus they weren’t kidding. Also I am not sure who “they” are, LOL, I simply heard it.

Pregnancy days 16-19 - neuroticmommy low and

Week 18 – Cashew’s central nervous system and facial expression are developing and he’s moving more than ever before. Personally i think him everyday and when I do not feel him I start getting nervous. I believe that’s normal though as their moving provides for us moms comfort. I usually am very excited and prepared in my ultrasounds simply because they produce reassurance granted get up.

I additionally love whether they have the hiccups. After I was pregnant with Michael he’d the hiccups plus they were so cute. I am talking about I understand they suck really outdoors from the womb but to understand that they’re hiccuping inside and watching my belly hiccup together with him or them is very fascinating. Hiccups people!

Now he’s starting to create a coating of myelin, an ingredient that protects and facilitates the brains communication with all of those other central nervous system. It’s very essential for brain development so ensuring to consume healthy fats like avocado, coconut oils and becoming in enough DHA and Omega-3’s are crucial.

Signs and symptoms – I had been feeling quite dizzy during week 18. I just read that could be because of low bloodstream pressure. I required my BP also it was normal but nonetheless I must pay attention to my body system if this needs rest. I haven’t been sleeping the very best either since I discovered I had been pregnant, I do not know maybe it’s nerves still however the only time I recieve right into a very deep sleep happens when I nap within the mid-day. I even meditate during the night and do yoga Nidra but still I can’t go to sleep. Guess what happens the issue is, basically do go to sleep it’s around 9:30pm, i then awaken at 12 and can’t return to sleep until around 5. Then obviously throughout the mid-day I’m exhausted but when I’m able to nap I actually do.

I had been feeling just a little nauseous now too, and i believe it’s after i eat an excessive amount of or appetite. There’s really no grey area with regards to this pregnancy. I simply know I usually need to stay hydrated just like a champion and obtain my apple and OJ fix in. Sometimes I’ll perform a little almond chocolate milk.

I received my bloodstream test results back which i required in week 16. My anemia is much better and so i was told to help keep doing whatever it had been I had been doing with supplements because it’s searching a lot better. My vitamin-D3 was low and so i began vitamins for your too. Now I’ll publish all of the vitamins I’m taking and why. I’ve got a write down however i was really considering carrying out a video rather. Exactly what do everyone think?

*Vehicle Selfies and veggie sushi runs to WholeFoods with my bestie*

And today onto my current week, Week 19…

Week 19 – Cashew is developing that white-colored waxy coating which will safeguard his skin from being too dry and searching just like a prune. This can help him along with other babies slide from the birth canal when prepared to go into the world thinking about you’re getting natural. When babies are born the thing is this like mucusy white-colored stuff known as vernix caseosa although not to become alarmed it cleans quickly and it is their protection within the womb in the amniotic fluid.

Pregnancy days 16-19 - neuroticmommy selected my

Symtoms – My signs and symptoms are pretty very similar as week 18. Round ligament discomfort, feeling tired, also big and beastly. I’m peeing more than ever before it appears. I do not determine if it’s all of the intake of water or simply her pregnancy, it’s probably both. I’ve bursitis within my left hip from my first pregnancy that has been good until recently. It’s been inflamed a little and I’m thinking it’s because of all of the walking and dealing I’ve been doing.

Breakthroughs – Uuugh I discovered another skin tag however this the first is under my arm pit. I am talking about a minimum of it isn’t on my small neck this time around but nonetheless. I’d an itch, scratched it also it hurt like hell. I look and it is an epidermis tag. I had been like um hello, the reason for hear. lol I Then appreciated I had been pregnant which has the territory.

Dreaming – I’ve been a lucid dreamer. That’s essentially when you are dreaming and also you know you’re inside a dream and you may manage it. Having a baby has increased my sensitivities and to date from things i look at this is normal. I question if the baby is super spiritual or something like that. I’ve always felt like my babies have “the gift” such as the sixth sense although not frightening by doing so. Has other people experienced this? My dreams don’t seem like weird dreams, they think like I’m really within the place and time, getting actual conversations with individuals I understand with people I do not know. I’m able to recall everything after i awaken and also the feeling lingers during the day. I even awaken with songs within my mind so when I google the lyrics it can make a lot sense and matches my mood. Do you consider I ought to meditate more so that you can receive these messages or guidance? I am not really sure how to proceed. I know which i bought an zodiac book along with a deck of tarot cards which i haven’t opened up yet but felt compelled to purchase.

A Few Things I do everyday – I take my vitamins, I moisturize despite the fact that I’ve stretchmarks form my first pregnancy I actually do it much more because I love to take proper care of my skin instead of avoid stretchmarks. Personally i think like that’s inevitable in some instances anyway. I’m walking more every week, working and doing my favorite to remain on schedule. I’m planning that is something Irrrve never usual do but feel compelled to create lists out of the blue.

So that’s what’s been happening yesteryear 4 days. In a few days I’ve another physician visit and ultra seem. That ultrasound is definitely an hour lengthy or even more based on if Cashew really wants to cooperate. This is actually the one where they need to check all of the organs and stuff. It will get really thorough. I’m searching toward it anyhow.

Thanks everybody for the ongoing love and support in this pregnancy. Personally i think truly lucky and fortunate in most ways. I’m grateful for existence, breath, air and love. I’m grateful for all of your advice you allow me on Instagram. Personally i think security in knowing I’ve this kind of amazing support system to steer me and share this stuff beside me on my small amazing journey. Well our amazing journey. Till next week… Maintain a healthy diet and become merry!

Source: Ovia Pregnancy Application