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Need to know what to anticipate while pregnant? You’ve come right place! Our highlighted pregnancy calendar is really a detailed help guide to all the new changes happening inside your baby &mdash as well as in you.

Per week-by-week pregnancy calendar (for moms and dads) - kidshealth both you

Every week of being pregnant features a description of the baby’s development, plus an explanation from the changes happening within your body. You’ll also find important medical info that can help keep both you and your baby healthy.

A Thing About Payment Dates and Trimesters

Once you announce your pregnancy, the initial question you’ll most likely be requested is &quotWhen are you currently due?&quot At the first prenatal visit, your medical provider can help you determine an anticipated delivery date (EDD). Your EDD is 40 days from the very first day of the last period (LMP).

It’s remember this that the deadline is just a quote &mdash most babies are born between 38 and 42 days from the very first day of the mother’s LMP and only a tiny proportion of ladies really deliver on their own deadline.

Another common term you’ll hear during your pregnancy is trimester. Getting pregnant is split into trimesters:

Per week-by-week pregnancy calendar (for moms and dads) - kidshealth really deliver
  • the very first trimester comes from week 1 towards the finish of week 12
  • the 2nd trimester comes from week 13 towards the finish of week 26
  • the 3rd trimester comes from week 27 towards the finish from the pregnancy

Getting Began

To obtain began, just click below around the week of being pregnant you’d prefer to view. Most of the articles include links with other pregnancy and newborn articles with increased information.

Return each week of the pregnancy to determine the way your baby is developing and to discover what changes you may expect in your body, too!


Instructional Videos for New Moms – Thermometers and Taking Your Baby's Temperature

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