Neighbours spoilers – elly conway baby bombshell revealed

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Neighbours spoilers - elly conway baby bombshell revealed below to learn


Neighbours spoilers: Elly Conway and Mark Brennan rocked by huge baby bombshell [SNL]

  • Sheryl Reeves: F*** Mark and Elly. They both are sickening to me; Hes a self-righteous prick and she is gutless and a sad excuse of a woman to sleep with Chloe, then run and tell Mark about it and Chloe's whole family turns on her including her mother who seems to favor her boys over Chloe. Chloe all of a sudden is the villain. She is being portrayed in a very bad light.Her mom even slaps her across the face in one instance. It's a soap. I know that. But the portrayal of these characters and this current mess of a storyline is positively sickening and a big insult to a large PORTION of their viewership.
  • Love Is Gender Free: Mark, you don't have fuckin balls!! >_<
  • CafeAuLait TX: Fu#k Mark!! Elly and Chole can raise that baby hell! Now they are really family!!