Minimalist baby listing: what you truly requirement for baby

Minimalist baby checklist: what you really need for baby

You’re getting an infant! This really is this kind of exciting time. I produced this minimalist baby listing that will help you evaluate which you really requirement for an infant, which means you don’t spend too much or go shopping you simply won’t use.

Now, should you’re at all like me, you may be experiencing slight dread at the idea of all of the what exactly you need to purchase.

I wish to tell you just how it’s totally possible to possess a minimalist baby. Your child needs hardly any, therefore you will have to buy hardly any (particularly if you generate a baby registry – do this here).

This minimalist baby list I’ve honed through 2 babies born into really small houses, each packed as children therefore we can travel the planet.

Both thriving and happy little boys.

And even though I would be biased (OK I totally am) I believe my children be more effective because of not getting many different things they don’t need.

Basically was beginning once again there’s something I simply wouldn’t make use of, and so i desired to share my must-have list for you personally.

I am hoping it will help if you choose to generate a minimalist baby registry – which you’ll do effortlessly on Amazon . com – take a look here.

Shop Amazon . com – Create an Amazon . com Baby RegistryMinimalist baby checklist: what you really need for baby

The Best Minimalist Baby Listing

I possibly could most likely finish this web site publish the following by saying all babies require is a hot and quiet crib, milk (from breast or bottle), something comfy and practical to put on, an approach to transport and also the attention and love of the parents.

After I from time to time wander into baby gear stores, I question where we went so wrong.

Cribs selling for more than $1000, and various features to create your mind spin.

No question I purchased a lot of things after i was pregnant! I had no clue that babies needed so very little.

Here is my listing of things to upgrade on an infant – the necessities.

OK, you’ve been through labor and today need to dress your small little bundle.

Minimalist baby checklist: what you really need for baby


Some hospitals provide outfits for newborns throughout their stay in hospital.

Which was the situation in my first, although not my second. Ask whenever you do your hospital visit.

Should you’d prefer safe and also have your personal outfits, I suggest the next:

  • 5-6 organic cotton short sleeve bodysuits
  • 3-4 organic cotton lengthy sleeve bodysuits or onesies
  • 3 baby hats
  • Mittens
  • A hot coat or hooded sweater
  • 2-3 light receiving or swaddling blankets
  • 1 heavier blanket for that vehicle seat (we used a woollen blanket knitted by my mother)

Tip: Watch out for newborn sizing as you may have big babies who go directly into -3 several weeks sized clothing.

It’s a much safer bet to purchase the -three month stuff since your baby will ultimately require it, then for those who have a preemie or deliver early, someone can rapidly get some appropriate clothing if required.

Returning Home

How’s it going getting home in the hospital or birth center? Are you currently carrying out a prenatal class?

If you’re, they can tell you on what you ought to go back home in the hospital.

They may help you put in the infant vehicle seat(aargh, this really is so difficult).

I, personally, walked home in the hospital 5 days after delivering my first baby (with my hubby transporting my boy within the ergo baby carrier) and caught public transit home with my second (beside me transporting my baby within the same ergo carrier).

BUT, both occasions a healthcare facility staff were weirded out with this and also the normal factor to complete would be to drive.


Minimalist baby checklist: what you really need for baby Pictured this is actually the Maxicosi Mico, the carseat we employed for our newborn. I recommend it – find out more reviews here

For those who have a vehicle, you’ll require a vehicle seat. Vehicle seats particularly created for newborns and youthful infants are often known as infant vehicle seats.

They frequently clip right into a base that is fixed to your vehicle, and they’ve a handle so that you can clip the vehicle seat in to the base.

This is actually the BEST.Factor.EVER whenever your baby is asleep and also you pull in to the supermarket.

You don’t need to take them from the vehicle seat to visit shopping! Just unclip them and bear them in.

BUT, in case your finances are tight, you’ll improve good value having a convertible vehicle seat (begin to see the image below to have an example).

Convertible vehicle seats can age together with your child, up to about 40 pounds (with respect to the seat). What this means is your son or daughter can remain within the same seat until they’re around 2-three years old.

Minimalist baby checklist: what you really need for baby

Things I did was rent a baby vehicle seat from the baby gear provider.

I understood I’d just have the newborn vehicle seat for any almost no time (it became five several weeks), therefore it made financial sense to book.

I could hire a baby vehicle seat which was wild of my cost range basically were buying. It had been an Maxicosi Mico that we loved because it was lightweight, were built with a huge canopy and so i can keep my baby shaded also it really was well padded, therefore it felt safer.

Additionally, it rates highly with regards to independent safety ratings.

Then i moved my boy to some convertible vehicle seat (such as the one pictured, by Britax). He’s 2.five years old and just just growing from the Britax seat now.


To be in your own home you’ll only need a couple of things. Home is to will go as easy as you want together with your baby (without hospital staff watching every single move).

Here’s what we should used:

Somewhere to place baby lower

Babies need tummy time which means you’ll require a pad or simple cotton rug particularly for this function. I wouldn’t recommend doing the work around the bare carpet as the baby might faceplant the ground and obtain carpet germs in their mouth.

I was so grateful that the friend from the family made us an easy fleece rug, having a sturdy backing, that people employed for both babies.

It’s still a treasured item within our household (so we don’t keep much stuff, to ensure that’s saying a great deal).

Minimalist baby checklist: what you really need for baby

After about 6 days old, he could go inside a bouncer. We’d a no-frills fundamental bouncer (just such as this one), which cost hardly any.

I possibly could take a seat on the couch and lightly bounce the infant using the tip of my foot. A bouncer is essential-have, for me. When Mama needs a mug of tea in peace, the bouncer may be the answer.

A wrap or carrier to put on your child

Minimalist baby checklist: what you really need for baby

If you are planning to babywear, you’ll require a wrap or perhaps a carrier.

This was a absolute godsend for me personally, as my boy didn’t nap well, and so i could get him to right in front pack carrier as i labored at home (with go-go-Gadget arms outstretched and so i could achieve my keyboard)!

I made use of an authentic Ergobaby using the heart to heart infant insert.

I certainly recommend it, however a wrap or sling is really an individual choice, so consider using a couple of to determine what fits into your budget.


Minimalist baby checklist: what you really need for baby

So, sleep am not my forte. We purchased a bassinet on wheels so it may be moved around our small apartment. I attempted so challenging my firstborn to settle it. He’d happily take short daytime naps within the bassinet. Night sleeping would be a different story.

After four several weeks of getting out of bed 8-10 occasions every evening to stay him, I lay lower one evening with my boy securely perched between my spouse and i coupled with the very best nights’ sleep of my entire motherhood.

Since that time, we’ve been bed-discussing, co-sleepers (more about the way we shared an area with this baby here).

I’m so glad I didn’t spend hundreds on the fancy crib and all sorts of features since it would’ve been a total waste of money.

However that may not be for you personally. So prior to going out and put money into a nursery that may go unused, this really is my ideal setup for any minimalist nursery (or minimalist corner from the primary bed room – because the situation might be)

Feeding chair

Minimalist baby checklist: what you really need for baby

Regardless of whether you’re breastfeeding or bottle feeding, you’ll have to feed that baby at night time.

It’s easiest for everybody that you simply feed the infant near to their bedroom, and the area dark.

This’ll make returning to sleep much simpler.

I didn’t possess a feeding chair in my first, and so i sitting in bed or visited the family room couch. This truly drawn.

In my second, I understood better. We moved among the comfy reclining armchairs from your family room and so i could feed my youngest during the night.

You don’t need to purchase a breastfeeding chair. Use any chair with padded armrests, good back support along with a leg rest.

If you’re purchasing a chair new, make certain it’s something which’ll participate in all of your furniture later on while you just have a feeding chair for any small window of your time. That one is functional and beautiful.

Sleep Sacks

Minimalist baby checklist: what you really need for baby Wherever your child sleeps, they’ll require a blanket. To lessen SIDS risk, it’s an excellent idea to utilize a sleep sack, or wearable blanket. We’ve used them since birth for our boys.

They keep baby warm because he can’t kick the blanket off and possess access in the bottom for simple night time diaper altering.

We purchased two or three of those. The summer time weight sleep sacks are great as long as you retain the 70 degrees at between 60-68f or 16-20c. (See more about safe 70 degrees here)


Minimalist baby checklist: what you really need for baby

I’m so grateful that people didn’t spend lots of money on the crib in my oldest. Our acquisition of an easy bassinet on wheels meant he’d somewhere safe to rest for naps (and also the very odd night’s sleep) that didn’t be expensive.

We’d one just like the Delta Children Sweet Beginnings Bassinet pictured above. It cost under $50.

Should you’re searching for additional value for your money, a small crib could work very well in a tiny space and a lot of them could be transformed into twin beds. Read my picks to find the best small cribs here.


There are plenty of options with regards to bathing accessories for baby however, you’ll need hardly any to obtain your baby clean.

At first, it may seem simpler to wash your child inside a smaller sized tub, or perhaps the drain.

We bathed our third and fourth in a variety of sinks, before relocating to the bath. It is because, they’re so small, so a smaller sized space could keep them more contained.

Also, it’s a slippery job, so you’d like just as much support for the arms as you possibly can, when you are holding baby.

A significant mistake we made was purchasing a baby bath. Now, should you’ve got money to lose, an infant bath may not be a poor buy, however for us, it had been completely unnecessary.

We found bathing a baby to become simpler in the kitchen area sink. As he was too large for your, we could move him right into a regular bath utilizing a stand a treadmill people getting into the tub with him (certainly the simplest option!)

For those who have a bathtub in your own home, consider purchasing a bath seat for the baby so that they are supported within the water.

Hooded towels really are a must-have, because they keep baby warm and fully covered. That stated, clearly, a normal towel is going to do.

A altering pad or altering pad is exactly what we used following the bath. We’d lie baby lower on the bed or around the altering pad on the ground (having a towel on the top) dress him there.

Getting around

I’ve pointed out my ergo baby carrier earlier, so when it found getting around using the baby, which was the best choice for me personally.

We were built with a used phil&ampteds stroller gifted to all of us, but we didn’t ensure that it stays because it was enormous and never collapsible. We wound up purchasing a lie-flat stroller, which was ideal for our lifestyle.

It may be laid completely back therefore the baby could sleep inside it, and it was fully collapsible.

It had been sufficiently small to gate-check whenever we were travelling, that was a godsend when our flight was delayed for several.5 hrs at JFK, directly on bed time.


I’m able to only discuss breastfeeding when i solely breastfed both my babies. For any realistic listing of the thing you need for bottle feeding, read this link from whattoexpect.

When I would be a work-at-home mama, I could feed when needed aside from the odd occasion where I had been unavailable. That won’t function as the situation for you personally, which means you’ll need to purchase a breast pump.

I made use of the Philips Avent Manual Breast Pump (pictured above) because it was cheap and did things i needed, that was the periodic bottle when ever I’d a lunch with buddies or simply needed some mama privacy. It had been certainly the very best breast pump for travel because it packed up really easily and it is lightweight.

For any working mama who must pump more, you’re gonna would like to get an electrical pump. The Medela Freestyle is a well-liked electric breast pump. Most breast pump kits include bottles to help you get began too.

Tip: You are able to usually hire breast pumps from baby gear hire services, which may be an enormous money-saver.

For feeding, you’ll likewise need something to trap the spit up. We never bothered with burping cloths, preferring to make use of hands towels. That’s an individual choice, however a burping cloth is certainly not essential.

Diaper changes

For diaper changes, we wound up utilizing a simple altering pad whenever we were home, along with a portable altering pad (we loved our Skip Hop Baby Pronto Portable Altering Station ) whenever we were away from home.

Now, we make use of an old towel on the ground. Our child is really a relatively well-adjusted human, and so i’m sure this setup didn’t disadvantage him.

We made the error of purchasing a altering station by having an enclosed baby bath. This clunker of the factor required up a lot space and it was only employed for around 3 several weeks. Don’t result in the same mistake we did!

I really hope this minimalist baby list continues to be useful. For those who have any queries whatsoever please add them within the comments and that i’ll make sure to answer.

Minimalist baby list - what you really need for a new baby. You can have a baby and not need a lot of stuff. I did it - twice! This minimalist baby checklist is honed through having two babies in very small spaces, both packed up to travel at young ages. We needed compact, multi-functional gear. No fluff! So here it is - my minimalist baby checklist of what you need for baby.


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