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2. The NoseFrida Snotsucker

So, the response you’ll most likely get once the new mother opens this at her baby shower celebration is, “Wow… thanks so much… I believe.”

And not the most glamorous gift, however this somewhat nauseating tool is really a lifesaver when babies are congested. Much more effective than the usual bulb syringe and surprisingly more sanitary, the NoseFrida lightly and effectively clears all the snot and mucous up to the sinuses, I believe!

Warn her that this can be a 2 person job. Babies aren’t thrilled about getting products stuck up their nostrils.

" src="" title="Baby checklist: 10 gifts a new mom doesnI’m telling you– I have to possess some excellent buddies since this is another item I received in my first baby shower celebration that I really didn’t know to use my registry. 4 years later, still it holds an excellent location around the altering table.

Throughout your baby’s existence, you’ll change approximately 4,000 diapers.


Just a little organization goes a lengthy way.

Pro tip– make use of this rather of the gift bag to carry all of your new mama baby shower celebration gift!

9. The Mother Hook

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