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2. The NoseFrida Snotsucker

So, the response you’ll most likely get once the new mother opens this at her baby shower celebration is, “Wow… thanks so much… I believe.”

And not the most glamorous gift, however this somewhat nauseating tool is really a lifesaver when babies are congested. Much more effective than the usual bulb syringe and surprisingly more sanitary, the NoseFrida lightly and effectively clears all the snot and mucous up to the sinuses, I believe!

Warn her that this can be a 2 person job. Babies aren’t thrilled about getting products stuck up their nostrils.

" src="" title="Baby checklist: 10 gifts a new mom doesn3. The Fisher-Cost Rock ‘n Play

When i first discovered this magical device when my first baby involved six days old. Up to that time, he’d only rested on my small chest. For six entire days.

Little else worked– and not the co-sleeper, and not the pack ‘n play, and not the baby swing.

We understood he most likely had acidity reflux which mysterious affliction dubbed colic. I know the upright position of him being kangarooed on my small chest was a huge part from the preference.

That’s exactly what the rock ‘n play does best. I’ts slightly angled, permitting gentle digestion, also it “hugs” the child inside a hammock-like support. The very first time I put my newborn inside it, he rested for four hrs. (Cue the angels singing!)

Not gonna lie, I cried as he outgrew it.

The Rock ‘n Play is available in a fundamental manual model, or automated luxurious mixers may even connect with your smartphone. The brand new mother will love you for presenting her for this product.

(Full disclosure: I acquired another one when my second child was born– one for upstairs and something for downstairs!)

Note: I discovered the plastic covering appeared pretty hard and that i concerned about baby flat mind, and so i placed a bit of foam out of this adjustable toddler pillow among the plastic covering and also the rock ‘n play fabric cover. " src="" title="Baby checklist: 10 gifts a new mom doesnI’m telling you– I have to possess some excellent buddies since this is another item I received in my first baby shower celebration that I really didn’t know to use my registry. 4 years later, still it holds an excellent location around the altering table.

Throughout your baby’s existence, you’ll change approximately 4,000 diapers.


Just a little organization goes a lengthy way.

Pro tip– make use of this rather of the gift bag to carry all of your new mama baby shower celebration gift!

9. The Mother Hook

Baby checklist: 10 gifts a new mom doesn' /><img decoding=You realize, I still do not have one of these simple, and today I’m wondering why I haven’t purchased one yet.

This mother hook is genius. Specifically for individuals crazy supermarket journeys when you’re attempting to juggle a baby, your child, a baby bag, keys, phone, coffee, contributing to 15 bags.

Pure genius! (BRB– updating my Amazon . com cart now…)

10. An array of baby bottles

Particularly if the new mama is intending to breastfeed.

True story– this is the way my hubby needed to feed my baby the very first weekend I returned to operate.

Spoon feeding milk to a baby" src="" title="Baby checklist: 10 gifts a new mom doesn

Then we began to invest about $100 on baby bottles/nipples, anxiously looking for one which he wouldn’t refuse.

The brand new mama certainly doesn’t realize that she needs 1,001 various kinds of bottles… but she might phone you in tears of gratitude inside a couple of days. Here’s a brief listing of the best “breastfeeding-friendly” bottles:

  • MAM anti-colic newborn bottles
  • Comotomo Natural Feel Baby Bottles
  • mimijumi Breastfeeding Baby Bottles
  • Kiinde Breast Milk Storage Gift Set (This is actually the system which i employed for my second baby, and that i LOVED it. Direct from pump to freezer to warmer to bottle– very easy and minimizes contamination!)
  • Tommee Tippee Nearer to Nature

And… despite the very best intentions, babies will still make their very own choices. My picky first child wound up buying this bottle. Always the classic.


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