Newborn sleeping an excessive amount of: what’s normal and how to proceed?

An infant who from time to time sleeps more than ever before isn’t a reason to be concerned unless of course there are more signs and symptoms. Probably the most common explanations why a proper baby sleeps more than ever before include:

Newborn sleeping an excessive amount of: what' title='Newborn sleeping an excessive amount of: what' /></div>
<li>a rise spurt or developmental leap
<li>a small illness, like a cold</li>
<li>receiving immunizations</li>
<li>not receiving enough quality sleep due to a respiratory system infection which makes breathing difficult</li>
<p>Some babies sleep an excessive amount of simply because they have jaundice or aren’t getting enough food. A baby that has jaundice have a yellow color for their skin along with a yellow cast towards the whites of the eyes.</p>
<p>Other indications of more serious jaundice include:</p>
<li>being lethargic</li>
<li>getting trouble eating</li>
<li>being picky or irritable</li>
<p>Babies who don’t eat enough may become dehydrated, lose an excessive amount of weight, as well as are afflicted by failing to thrive. Many people may struggle to sort out if the baby gets enough to consume, especially if they’re breast-feeding.</p>
<p>The good thing is that early intervention from the doctor and breast-feeding consultant can ensure babies get enough food and reassure people who breast-feeding can be done.</p>
<p>An infant, whether breast-given or formula-given, might not get enough to consume if:</p>
<li>they appear very lethargic and unresponsive</li>
<li>they’re over the age of 6 days old and therefore are consistently gaining under 6 ounces each week</li>
<li>they’re producing less than four very wet diapers each day</li>
<li>they don’t appear calmer after consuming</li>
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<p>In unusual instances, an infant could have a medical problem that triggers these to sleep an excessive amount of. Breathing and heart disorders may affect sleep, and premature babies frequently have different sleep patterns from full-term infants.</p>
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