Baby naps: daytime sleep tips – mayo clinic

To help ease your child into nap time:

Baby naps: daytime sleep tips - mayo clinic the greater overtired
  • Set the atmosphere. A dark, quiet and easily awesome atmosphere might help encourage your child to rest.
  • Place your baby to sleep drowsy, but awake. Drooping eyelids, eye rubbing and fussiness may be signs that the baby is tired. The more waiting, the greater overtired and picky your child might become — and also the harder it may be for your kids to go to sleep.
  • Avoid holding, rocking or feeding your child to rest. Eventually, this can be the only method your child has the capacity to go to sleep. In case your baby tends to go to sleep inside your arms following a feeding, make a move gentle right afterward — for example altering their diaper or studying a brief story.
  • Be secure. Put your baby to rest with their back, and obvious the crib or bassinet of blankets along with other soft products.
  • Remain consistent. Your child can get the most from daytime naps if they takes them simultaneously every day as well as for comparable period of time. Periodic exceptions are inevitable, obviously, and will not harm your child.


Mayo Clinic Minute: 3 tips for kids to get better sleep

  • Haliezza: I'm 11, but I am so tired during the day, even if I go to bed early.
  • Lexi Gero: I’m trying to make my SISTER TO GO TO SLEEP ? ITS LIKE 12:18 I NEED SLEEP ?
  • XxRosella XxRoleplaysAreFun: I get 9 hr’s of sleep lol
  • PolarPanda: I'm a kid sleeps at 3am
  • Tiger Lilly 0503: Am I the only one who gets the recommended 8 hours of sleep and wack up really tired then the next night I get like 3 hours of sleep and have like endless energy

    And how is this supposed to help? I'm 13 and I already knew this

  • coach Kline business: I'm 13 and I go to bed at 4:00 pm and wake up at 5:00
  • Danielle Kuecher.: I’m a 9 year old and I fall asleep at 12-1 am hehe
  • lizzy Uy: 1st coomment
  • Ying Mei: That was short
  • twins RULE: This did not help my child