8 Methods to stay awake during night feedings

Night feedings are brutal. I breastfeed and also have become comfortable just taking out my boob and feeding my child while lounging lower during sex. It’s the easiest way for me personally, because both of us just eventually go to sleep so when she would like to consume again the boob has already been out and she or he has fast access. Although not all moms are comfy with co-sleeping or they’re bottle feeding and don’t have the choice of taking out the boob and allowing it to do its work. If you’re bottle feeding, uncomfortable with co-sleeping or have to stay awake for the child’s night feedings for just about any other reason – below are great tips will be on the lookout.

1. Netflix

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Get Netflix, stat. Orange May Be The New Black Is Addictive and you’ll be transfixed and totally awake to give your child. Hulu can also be awesome. Should you start watching Misfits I promise you’ll have hrs of entertainment.

2. Wake up

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I recall torturing myself by remaining inside a dark room, totally exhausted, attempting to keep my eyes available to feed my child. Wake up. Go somewhere less comfy as the bed.

3. Torture Your Lover

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How To Survive A Day On No Sleep

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