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Here’s an excerpt from on strategies for dads for connecting with and nurturing your child. All these activities helps you to build neuron connectivity for any more powerful brain and emotional wellbeing for existence.

Strategies for father on walks or along
  • Have cuddle time. Be considered a reliable cuddle person for the child.
  • Enable your baby understand how happy you’re to determine her or him. Happy sounds are preferred among babies. Help make your baby laugh when you are able which laughter will really make sure they are more happy and much more capable at multiple levels.
  • Talk and sing to him regularly, together with your eyes searching into his eyes as well as your face-up close.
  • Have fun with him every single day if you’re able to. Or play frequently should you can’t get it done every single day. Newborns can also enjoy play around older babies. Your look of play might be diverse from your partner’s, and that’s okay. Your child will like having fun with the two of you and being different increases remarkable ability to have interaction having a world that is not always the identical.
  • If you’re able to spare the time, carry your child inside a sling or front carrier on walks or along the way about your health.
  • Read for your baby regularly. Hold him in friendly and caring ways while you read. Studying in the earliest ages teaches your child the great linkage between written words and meaning and studying along with you teaches your son or daughter that you love him and also you want him to become happy and to possess a good existence.
  • Mirror his movements and echo his coos along with other sounds and vocalizations, in individuals first days and several weeks. These sounds are the initial steps to contacting him and baby brains very happily add countless connections when they hear their baby sounds spoken to them with a loving and reliable adult.


Key Strategies for Fathers in Family Court: Sit in on a Trial

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  • 8-Bit Ernie: Any woman who can't get pregnant is the right woman……
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  • San Jose Mike: There is a similarity here to malpractice suits. Doctors who "trust" their attorneys to take over the case completely are making a terrible mistake. The best and most experienced person MUST be YOU, the defendant. Of course we are not talking about making you into a trial attorney simply by watching trials. But the reality is that very few men can afford a full time attorney on their family law case.

    This is in contrast to malpractice suits, where an insurance company pays for your representation. By all means get a lawyer…if you can afford one. But that does not EXCUSE you from taking a very active part in your defense. One of the best ways to do this is to actually sit down and write a time-line of the legal part of your divorce. By writing it down, you will record important details and dates. As time goes by you tend to forget important facts. Writing them down helps you remember.

    In almost all cases, the better prepared you are the better your chances. This is HARD work. Don't expect it to be easy or without stress. It will be horrible. You will be made to look like a monster. You have to learn to take this in stride. When doctors are sued they are often made to appear like butchers and monsters too.

    I saw a video of a laborer who was put in jail (at a family court hearing) because he did not work full time. He presented no evidence for his side. None. Had he kept a record of his efforts (with time reports and rejections) to get full time employment, he probably would have won. At the least, he would not have gone to jail.

    His lack of evidence was extremely costly. Now he has a prison record. Worse, it was not necessary. He could have presented records…and they would not have cost him anything to gather. A simple journal would have sufficed…


  • Thomas Kauser: She goes in knowing she already controls the kids and is only focused on the dollars? Play nice and watch the dollar signs grow and if the judge is not phased ask for a new judge? Nothing fucks with a judge than being replaced ? Its like being fucked over by a date? MGTOW
  • Thomas Kauser: Divorce is a process where two people wish each the opportunity to die fast!