For fathers – classes & workshops

You usually imagined yourself because the perfect father for the child. Since the infant is really here you are somewhat baffled about you skill, and wish to make certain you are doing the work right.

You are not by yourself! Come along for several new dads as well as their babies to uncover your specific relationship together with your child and the significance of this father-to-baby connecting. Feel positive about what you can do to nurture your child and uncover and discover strategies to promote this attachment.

Father’s Steps helps fathers learn:

  • Exactly what a baby must thrive
  • Why attachment is essential for babies
  • How you can have confidence inside your parenting style
  • The significance of your role like a new father
  • Methods to conserve a strong relationship together with your partner

Cost: $120 per father and baby. Microsoft EAP Benefits may apply. Fridays – 2:30-4:00pm.

Fridays, March 3 through April 7, 2017
Location: Wellspring Counseling, Bellevue
Group Leader: Chad Perman, 425-453-7890 x272

Fridays, September 22 through October 20, 2017
Location: Wellspring Counseling, Bellevue
Group Leader: Chad Perman, 425-453-7890 x272

For fathers - classes & workshops Wellspring Counseling, Bellevue    Group Leader

What to anticipate

All of our groups is facilitated by a specialist at the begining of emotional development, father-infant relationships, and attachment issues. Father’s Steps is really a six-week group for fathers as well as their babies as much as 8-several weeks old.

For fathers - classes & workshops What to anticipate
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Prenatal Class – Part 1: Prenatal

  • Tonya Bigham: She says birth is safer now but the news says lots of women in America are still dying from childbirth. Not just the internet that scares women . The news does too.
  • Tonya Bigham: I've called 3 times to sign up for classes. No-one will call me back so I'm watching this. I've also tried to email to register for classes. It keeps saying my email wont go through so grateful for these videos.
  • sue: Thank you so much for making this available on youtube for free. A lots of mother to be out there really need this.
  • Brenda Sollers: This is to much talking no hands on I'm more about that life,if class really like that I won't be going to one way to much talking for me
  • Brenda Sollers: Very nice video I'm about to be a mother but taking care of my child I will do want everything it takes for mind
  • Ember Skye: Thank you so much for this video! Very important and good information! ??
  • Thobile Dubazane: This is the best video ever …now this is useful?
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  • Sarabeth Balcer: Great video!! Very helpful and humorous:)