12 Methods for father to bond using their breastfed baby

How about poor father? He will get overlooked within the cold— as they say. It’s tougher for father to bond using the baby because typically mother may be the one taking proper care of the infant. From diaper changes, baths, and feeding. Particularly if the mother is breastfeeding.

12 Methods for father to bond using their breastfed baby strengthened and the household

Breastfeeding is extremely time intensive very little babies are hungry, a great deal! So mother essentially turns into a milk machine and father remains located on the sidelines, wondering if he’ll ever bond together with his offspring, and obtain to possess ‘his’ breasts back. There are lots of smart ways for dads to bond using their new babies, even when mother is breastfeeding.

It is a good factor that dads wish to bond using their babies, a household bond could be strengthened and the household glued together. Another positive of those connecting methods is they give mother a significantly-needed break. Plus, moms love seeing their husbands as being a good father. Seriously, it’s so sexy seeing the 2 together, and watching him as being a good father.

So regardless if you are a mother attempting to help him find various ways for him and also the baby to bond, or individuals dads, continue studying for many efficient ways to help father bond together with his baby. One of these even includes sleeping, to ensure that is fairly fun, right? And when sleeping does not get it done for ya… well just read them and discover all the fun and new ways to bond having a breastfed baby.

Resourse: https://babygaga.com/12-ways-for-father-to-bond-with-their-breast-given-baby/

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  • Lisa Nunes: Hi , my name is Lisa Marie Larrosa Nunes .

    I'm married to Luis Martin Larrosa .

    My husband and I been trying to conceive a beautiful baby 2 years.

    I finally found out I was pregnant September 2013.

    We were so happy..

    My prenatal care was done at Sunnybrook Hospital.

    My experience with Sunnybrook Hospital wasn't very good.

    I had extreme difficulty receiving proper Medical Care. As the person consistently unavailable to receive medication for my insulin and or monitoring medication.
    And or proper weekly monitoring did not occur.

    Another issue was during a normal ultrasound technician wanted to flip the baby inside of me.
    This being not my first pregnancy I've never experienced anything like this before.
    She mentioned the baby's back was facing out and that they couldn't get proper pictures.
    I was told to roll over a few times.
    Didn't work.
    Baby stayed in the same position.
    She later on grabbed my stomach and shook me so hard I started crying.
    She was reported.
    To my knowledge through Hospital patient relations was let go of for more training.
    I did threaten the hospital with the lawsuit I would have out of fear and anger.
    I'm sorry for that.
    It would have not happened if not for this technician.

    Doctor Nivo, was my prenatal care facilitator.
    That had told me on the very last day he would not be doing the delivery of my baby.
    That it would be some random doctor that I would not know on duty for that day.
    I told him I wish he had told me earlier I would have went to a different hospital and or person.

    May 6th 2014.
    I went in to Sunnybrook for a normal ultrasound check up.
    9:30 in the morning.
    During my ultrasound I was told that my amniotic fluid was at a 5%.
    I was 38 weeks pregnant.
    I was sent upstairs and was induced into labor.
    By 10:45 a.m. I was already being induced into labor in a room.

    Between the hours of 11:45am/ 2:30 p.m.
    3 times spread apart.
    In the fetal heart monitoring attached to my stomach into a machine next to me.
    Spilling out papers,
    The nurse had come in and said my baby was in "fetal distress."
    Rip the form and ran out of the room.
    When she returned to the room I asked for the doctor doctor would not return till birthing 10 p.m.
    Each time I became more escalated and demanding to see the doctor.
    Each time I cried more asking what is wrong with the baby.
    Receive no direct answer.

    Eventually the nurse at the third time told me that baby, was doing better for me not to worry and doctor was really busy but was aware of the situation.

    I received a epidural between the hours of 8 and 9pm
    I was already more than half dilated.
    At 10 p.m. I felt baby's head crowning.
    At 10:03pm, a doctor Greensburg came and shook my hand and said that he would be birthing with me.
    Two other nurses in the room one was an Asian student nurse another was a white Caucasian nurse.
    Total of 3 people in the room only

    (Sunnybrook is lying to this.)

    Baby came out was blue gray not breathing non-responsive no sound.
    I asked for delayed cord clamping they attacked cord immediately.
    As I thought they had to because the baby was in distress so I let it be.

    ( later on finding through the College of Surgeons, resuscitation needs to happen immediately and can be done so with the cord attached.)

    This took 3 to 5 minutes.
    The baby wasn't crying I asked my girlfriend to start taking pictures.
    A Caucasian nurse put her hand in front and said for us to wait.
    My girlfriend said no it's our right to take pictures that my husband was flying down from Florida.

    I kept asking if the baby was crying.
    The Asian nurse left the room.
    Was left to two people a doctor "Greensburg" and a Caucasian nurse.
    They wouldn't answer me.
    Why the baby wasn't crying.
    So I ask Mercy why the baby wasn't crying ?
    I told her to keep taking pictures.

    (Dr. Greensburg,
    Later on found out by the College of Physicians is not Dr Greensburg.
    The only doctor Greensburg is a pediatrician not licensed to do delivery at Sunnybrook.)

    -Now we're being told it's possible was done by a resident not a Doctor.
    His identity is unknown to this day.

    Carried my lifeless baby to the warming bed more Blue and Gray still not breathing and non-responsive and no longer has a cord attached to him.

    they start trying to shove this long translucent tube down his throat.
    The two of them was taking turns it wouldn't work it wouldn't go in it wouldn't go down.
    Never once did they use a suction ball that has always work good with my other children.
    This tube thing was ridiculous.

    (I also noticed there was blood out of my son's mouth I didn't know if it was from the birthing or the tube so I cleaned it.)

    Not once was a suction ball used there wasn't one in the room.

    They continue with this long translucent plastic flexible tube finally it goes in.
    All the way down to his stomach .
    Nothing no sound.
    They start infant chest compressions.
    Still nothing.
    I asked them what is going on why is it the baby crying.
    No one acknowledge me.
    I yelled please Jesus make my baby cry.
    And I finally heard the the most fainted little cry.
    I'll yelled thank you God.

    At 10:13 p.m. a Doctor John Barrett,
    Walked into the room with a black jacket suede black jacket looked at my baby sideways and left the room.

    -Now John Barrett, is trying to say he performed our delivery now with a very vague memory of not recalling.
    I can assure you with all honesty John Barret, has never met my cervix ,touched my cervix ,or looked at my cervix ,or touched my baby between my cervix

    (for the record.)

    I asked the doctor why it took so long to make him cry and if you did all that evasive chest compression at the warning bed . Why couldn't you do that with him between my legs before cutting the cord ?

    The questionable
    "Dr Greensburg"responded " you're lucky your baby is even alive ".

    My son and I stayed at Sunnybrook Hospital for 3 days for observation.
    They told me that is color was low breathing was low, to definitely follow up with a family doctor after 3 days of the hospital discharged within 48 hours to see family doctor his (color was really red.)
    …. and from that time on my son has had all kinds of complications medical issues .

    From hyperglycemia attack. (Expected not to happen again)
    Seizures or muscle spasm ( in early stages of his life has not happened again) in two years or more.
    Dysphasia inability to swallow solids.

    Balances issues.

    Speech delay.

    Low muscle tone.

    I just want the truth to come out justice and I would like to know the unknown resident identity.
    And I would like to know if legally if I agreed to a "Greensburg" and if he is not "Greensburg " and or a doctor is that a criminal offense within itself.

    I would like for my son to get better.
    I would like for him to swallow foods.
    I would like to share in prayer for him to get better.

    My son in 4 years hasn't been able to eat his own birthday cake.
    He will be 4 this May.
    He can't go up and down stairs and falls on flat surface ground.

    I have had his eyes and ears checked and rechecked they are good.

    It's extremely difficult and challenging to seek medical care as they keep hurting him.
    Or don't want to help.

    I study and read a lot and do the best that I can it takes an hour everyday three to four times a day to feed him.

    Best regards,

    Sincerely, Lisa Marie Larrosa Nunes.

    This is our story.

    Thank you .

    Ps, there are also fetal monitoring strips missing from records.

    Doctor said the throat has damage ruptures through the GI esophagus and throat behind the uvula you can see three ball like one ball beside the uvula.

    That's how its healed over .

    They want more test barium swallow test or gastrtrogrphic or Gastrografin swallow test.

    College of Physicians of surgeons of Ontario is hiding the identity of the man that did the delivery .I have no clue who touched my vagina or child or hurt him. All I know it wasn't a Dr.

    God/ universe bring me the positive energy I need I'm sending it out.

    I need the Publix help.
    Thank you . ❤
    Peace ✌️

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