Andy cohen father-shamed over child’s crib

The Bravo host welcomed boy Benjamin Allen via surrogate on February. 4, and it has quickly been belittled to take his newborn on the plane and letting his dog close to the little one’s toy. The parent shamers have returned to chastise Cohen more than a photo the brand new father published of Benjamin over sleeping his crib.

The infant boy is photographed inside a snug swaddle — which will help calm babies since it produces the sense of the womb — because he snoozes in the crib. It’s a precious pic which has elicited numerous heart emojis and adoring messages. It is also elicited numerous critiques and safety warnings.

Some commenters are wading directly into complain the baby’s crib setup might be unsafe. Parenting experts typically propose that cribs be free from toys, pillows and loose bedding to avoid suffocation and reduce the chance of SIDS.

“Please go ahead and take pillows from his crib!” read one comment, apparently referencing the padded baby book shackled by the crib.

“ABC: Alone, on their own back, within an empty crib,” added someone. “Get everything extra s*** out of there.”

Others complained the sheets weren’t tight enough, recommended he use pillows to aid the baby’s neck or slammed swaddling as “bad.”

Cohen’s fans had his back, however, with lots of noting the baby had been securely supervised.

“Ignore all the unrequested advice and revel in your child boy!!!” an advocate authored. “You’re doing amazing, sweetie.”

“The baby can’t even move!” fired back another given-up follower. “Leave him alone!”

Commenters can at any rate agree with one factor: With regards to swaddling, Cohen nailed it.

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  • Andy cohen father-shamed over child' title='Andy cohen father-shamed over child' /></div>
<h3>Andy Cohen dad-shamed again after sharing photo of baby Benjamin in his crib</h3>
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