6 Most widely used unisex baby names – baby names you can use for any boy or perhaps a girl

1. Reagan. Reagan, which from time to time is typed Regan, is much more well-liked by women, and surely functions as a boys’ name too. Reagan, that will forever be connected using the former president, is rated no. 999 for boys with no. 106 for women.

2. Logan. It’s damn near impossible to visit a park without encountering just a little Logan nowadays. The name has increased in recognition in the last couple of years for boys and women. Logan, the &quotreal name&quot of X-Men’s Wolverine, is rated no. 13 for boys with no. 391 &mdash and rising &mdash for women.

3. Sawyer. Sawyer is much more popular for boys (maybe because of Sawyer from Lost?), but stars like Sara Gilbert took to giving the name for their kids, which, without doubt, can make it popular for women within the next couple of years. Sawyer is rated no. 344 for women with no. 110 for boys.

6 Most widely used unisex baby names - baby names you can use for any boy or perhaps a girl mdash continues to

4. Taylor. Once typically used only for women, Taylor &mdash partially because of Rachelle Lefervre &mdash continues to be climbing the ranks with boys. Like a boys’ name, it sits at no. 435, as well as for women, it’s rated no. 77.

As the name may go through just a little ’90s for many, Taylor Quick has place it

into the spotlight for any new generation.

5. Kennedy. The name Kennedy sounds trendy and classic for sexes, but is frequently regarded as a women’ name &mdash weighing no. 54 for women with no. 1817 for boys. However, if name meanings are particularly significant for you, you might like to steer obvious of the one. Kennedy means &quotmisshapen mind.&quot

6. Hayden. This popular unisex celebrity name (Hayden Panettiere and Hayden Christensen) is presently popular with boys (ranking at no. 142), but women named Hayden aren’t far behind at no. 199.

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