250 Most widely used little girl names with meanings for 2019-2020

Rank Name Origin Meaning
1 Emma German Meaning ‘universal’, Emma designed a surprising return, because of the legion of Emma heroines.
2 Olivia Latin This elegant and old-fashioned name, meaning ‘olive tree’ has zoomed beyond the old favorites for example Ashley and Sarah.
3 Ava Hebrew This moniker, meaning ‘bird’, carries the glitz and glamor of Ava Gardner, the raven-haired siren.
4 Isabella Hebrew Meaning ‘god’s oath’, Isabella continues to be among the top 5 names for quite some time.
5 Sophia Greek This lovely and sweet name means ‘wise’.
6 Mia Latin Mia, meaning ‘mine’, is among the most widely used names in the usa.
7 Charlotte now Norse This moniker, with several literary ties and popular culture references, means ‘strong’.
8 Amelia British Amelia is really a gracious and timeless name with a choice of the contemporary nickname Amy.
9 Evelyn Celtic This elegant name comes with an artsy ring into it. This means ‘hazelnut’.
10 Abigail Hebrew The classic and innocent Abigail means ‘father’s joy’.
11 Harper British This smart name has got the twang of Harper Lee, probably the most celebrated authors in our time. This means ‘harpist’.
12 Emily Latin That one can’t ever walk out style. This means ‘industrious’.
13 Elizabeth Hebrew Elizabeth, meaning ‘God’s oath’, continues to be among the top 20 names in america for more than a hundred years.
14 Avery British This trendy and complicated name means ‘elf counselor’.
15 Sofia Greek Sofia or Sophia means ‘wise’.
16 Ella British Celebrities, particularly, happen to be opting this name recently. This means ‘beautiful fairy’.
17 Madison British Madison, meaning ‘son of Matthew’, was initially a boy’s name, but can be used more for women now.
18 Scarlett British This is of Scarlett is ‘deep red’.
19 Victoria Latin Queen Victoria of England gave this name an aura of upper-class stoicism. This means ‘victorious’.
20 Aria Latin This light and airy name means ‘air’ or ‘lioness’.
21 Elegance Latin This moniker exudes a mystical feeling of elegance and calm. This means ‘graceful’.
22 Chloe Greek Meaning ‘blooming’, this moniker epitomizes the female chic.
23 Camila Latin This fast rising Latin name means ‘young ceremonial attendant’.
24 Penelope Greek This classic name, meaning ‘weaver’, continues to be topping the recognition charts, because of actress Penelope Cruz.
25 Riley Irish This Irish surname is among the hottest names for women. This means ‘valiant’.
26 Layla Arabic This is of the lyrical name is ‘night’. Music fans would recognize this name in the Eric Clapton’s song.
27 Lillian Latin This old-fashioned name has zoomed to the recognition charts because the formal form of Lily. This means ‘lily flower’.
28 Nora Latin Nora may be the diminutive of Honora and means ‘light’.
29 Zoey Greek Zoey is among the most widely used types of Zoe. This means ‘life’.
30 Mila Slavic Mila may be the short type of several European names, including Milena.
31 Aubrey British This is of Aubrey is ‘elf ruler’. It has developed in the top 50 names list for 4 years.
32 Hannah Hebrew Sweet and angelic, this a person among the top names for any decade. This means ‘gracious’.
33 Lily Latin This name represents the lily flower.
34 Addison British After working decades around the boy’s side, this name has tipped to the girl’s territory. This means ‘son of Adam’.
35 Eleanor French Eleanor is really a variation of Alienor.
36 Natalie Latin That one reminds us from the 50s, fresh-faced actress, Natalie Wood. This means ‘born on Christmas day’.
37 Luna Latin This Roman goddess name means ‘moon’.
38 Savannah Spanish Savannah is among the most widely used geographical names. This means ‘treeless plain’, and describes an ordinary ecosytem.
39 Brooklyn British This name continues to be climbing the charts after being selected through the Beckhams. It describes a borough in New You are able to City.
40 Leah Hebrew This Scriptural name needs no fancy embellishment to remain around the recognition charts. This means ‘weary’.
41 Zoe Greek This soft and mild name has turned into a favorite as girl’s name more than a decade. This means ‘life’.
42 Stella Latin This beautiful Latin name means ‘star’.
43 Hazel British Hazel refers back to the hazelnut tree.
44 Ellie Hebrew This diminutive of Ellen and Eleanor means ‘bright shining one’.
45 Paisley Gaelic Paisley gives mind the wealthy patterned fabric. This means ‘church’.
46 Audrey British This name, meaning ‘noble strength’, won’t ever walk out style.
47 Skylar Nederlander This spelling variation of Schuyler means ‘scholar’.
48 Purple Latin This soft and sweet color name is way from shrinking. This means ‘purple’.
49 Claire Latin Meaning ‘clear’, Claire is among the most widely used one-syllable names.
50 Bella Latin Bella is really a diminutive of Isabella and means ‘beautiful’.
51 Aurora Latin It’s the specific Roman goddess and means ‘dawn’.
52 Lucy British Lucy may be the variation of Lucia and means ‘light’.
53 Anna Hebrew This affectionate name means ‘grace’.
54 Samantha Hebrew A sleek name by having an appealing nickname (Mike), Samantha means ‘asked of God’.
55 Caroline French This moniker is really as sweet as strawberry cake, and means ‘small and strong’.
56 Genesis Word Name This name isn’t as original while you think. It had been provided to 4,000 babies this past year, and means ‘beginning’.
57 Aaliyah Hebrew This ethereal sounding name means ‘ascender’.
58 Kennedy Irish This attractive surname- switched-name means ‘helmeted chief’.
59 Kinsley British This classy, yet cute, name means ‘king’s meadow’.
60 Allison German Allison may be the diminutive of Alice and means ‘noble’.
61 Maya Sanskrit This name reflects the brand new global culture. This means ‘illusion’.
62 Sarah Hebrew This name invokes wholesome sweetness. This means ‘princess’.
63 Madelyn British Sitting pretty at #62, Madelyn means ‘woman from Magdala or high tower’.
64 Adeline French Adeline may be the French diminutive of Adele and means ‘noble’.
65 Alexa Greek Alexa may be the shorter and snappier form of the name Alexandra. This means ‘defender of mankind’.
66 Ariana Italian Arian may be the Italian variation of Ariadne and means ‘most holy’.
67 Elena Spanish This Spanish variation of Helen means ‘bright’ or ‘shining light’.
68 Gabriella Hebrew Gabriella is really a elegant and intelligent name, meaning ‘god is my strength’.
69 Naomi Hebrew Naomi is definitely an Old Testament name and means ‘pleasantness’.
70 Alice German This classic name means ‘noble’.
71 Sadie Hebrew Sadie is really a diminutive of Sarah and means ‘princess’.
72 Hailey British Hailey is definitely an British and Scottish clan name and means ‘Hay’s meadow’.
73 Avoi Hebrew Avoi may be the Latin type of the Hebrew name Eve and means ‘life’.
74 Emilia Latin This feminine variation from the name Emil means ‘rival’.
75 Fall Latin Fall is a perfect for any baby born in October.
76 Quinn Irish This Irish name, meaning ‘descendent of Conn’, will make a powerful and engaging choice.
77 Nevaeh British That one left nowhere and were able to make its devote the very best 100. It’s Paradise typed backwards.
78 Piper British Piper is really a vibrant and delightful name, meaning ‘pipe player’.
79 Ruby Latin This vibrant and sassy jewel name has made an appearance in many musical compositions.
80 Tranquility Latin The ‘peaceful’ virtue of the name makes it very popular.
81 Willow British This can be a name of the ancient tree featuring in a number of texts.
82 Everly British Among the boldest names within the list, this means ‘wild boar in woodland clearing’.
83 Cora Greek Cora is definitely an old-fashioned name, meaning ‘maiden’.
84 Kaylee American Kaylee may be the American variation of Kayla and means ‘laurel or crown’.
85 Lydia Greek This Greek name means ‘woman from Lydia’.
86 Aubree French Aubree may be the spelling variation of Aubrey and means ‘elf ruler’.
87 Arianna Italian This winsome name, meaning ‘holy’, is becoming more and more popular through the years.
88 Eliana Hebrew This rhythmic name means ‘my God has answered’.
89 Peyton British This name means ‘a fighting man’s estate’ or ‘royal’.
90 Melanie Greek This name is filled with charm. This means ‘dark-skinned’.
91 Gianna Hebrew Gianna is really a radiant name, meaning ‘God is gracious’.
92 Isabelle Hebrew Isabelle is definitely an ultra-feminine name and means ‘God’s oath’.
93 Julia Latin This is of the ancient name is ‘youthful’.
94 Valentina Latin Valentina may be the feminine variation of Valentine and means ‘strength’.
95 Nova Latin Nova means ‘new’, as well as in native American this means ‘chases butterflies’.
96 Clara Latin Clara is really a Latin name, meaning ‘bright and clear’.
97 Vivian Latin Meaning ‘life’, Vivian is a name that is rising.
98 Reagan Irish This regal name means ‘little king’.
99 Mackenzie Irish Mackenzie is really a strong and heavy name, meaning ‘child of the wise leader’.
100 Madeline British This lovely name having a delicate image means ‘woman from Magdala or high tower’.
101 Brielle Italian Brielle may be the short type of Gabriela and means ‘God is my strength’.
102 Delilah Hebrew This name is loved because of its melodic and female characteristics. This means ‘to flirt’.
103 Isla Scottish Isla is really a Scottish place name and means ‘island’.
104 Rylee Irish This spelling variation of Riley continues to be popular since decades. This means ‘decade’.
105 Katherine Greek This worldly, sophisticated, and stylish name means ‘pure’.
106 Sophie Greek Sophie is really a attractive and warm name, meaning ‘wise’.
107 Josephine French Josephine may be the feminine variation of Frederick and means ‘May Jehovah give’.
108 Ivy British This cool and offbeat botanical name is having a revival. It describes a woodsy, climbing plant.
109 Liliana British Lilian may be the melodious and female variation of Lilian.
110 Jade Spanish Jade is really a beautiful jewel name, meaning ‘stone from the side’.
111 Maria Hebrew This is of Maria is extremely debated. It’s thought to mean ‘sea of bitterness’ or ‘sea of sorrow’. However, many sources suggest this means ‘wished-for-child’ and ‘mistress or lady from the sea’.
112 Taylor British Taylor is definitely an British work-related name and means ‘tailor’.
113 Hadley British This is of Hadley is ‘heather field’.
114 Kylie Australia This name is really a variation of Kyle and means ‘boomerang’.
115 Emery German Emery means ‘industrious’.
116 Adalynn British That one has its own namesake in Chris Daughtry’s daughter Adalynn Rose. This means ‘noble’.
117 Natalia Russian This Russian name means ‘birthday from the Lord’.
118 Annabelle French It’s a mix of Anna and Belle and means ‘loving’.
119 Belief British This British word name got recognition via R&B singer Belief Evans.
120 Alexandra Greek Probably the most regal female names, Alexandra means ‘defender of mankind’.
121 Ximena Spanish This Spanish name is hugely famous the Latino community. This means ‘listener’.
122 Ashley British This is of Ashley is ‘ash tree meadow’.
123 Brianna Celtic Brianna is really a delicate and female name by having an Irish flavor. This means ‘strong’.
124 Raelynn Modern Name It’s the name’s newbie within the Top 200. Because it is a mixture two sounds Rae and Lynn. It does not have any sort of meaning.
125 Bailey French An outgoing and positive name, meaning ‘bailiff’.
126 Mary Hebrew Mary is easily the most easy and classic of all of the little girl names. This means ‘bitter’.
127 Athena Greek Athena is the Zeus’ daughter.
128 Andrea Greek Andrea may be the feminine form of Andrew and means ‘strong and manly’.
129 Leilani Hawaiian An attractive Hawaiian name, meaning ‘a heavenly flower’.
130 Jasmine Persian Most widely known for that Disney princess, Jasmine describes a sweet-smelling white-colored flower.
131 Lyla Arabic An attractive variation of Lila, Lyla means ‘night’.
132 Margaret Greek This wealthy and classic name means ‘pearl’.
133 Alyssa British This is among the most desired names and means ‘noble’.
134 Adalyn Hebrew This variation of Adalia means the ‘noble one’.
135 Arya Persian Arya is a straightforward and appealing name and means ‘great, truthful, or noble’.
136 Norah Latin Norah Johnson, the singer, ‘s the reason behind the recognition of the name. This means ‘woman of honor’.
137 Khloe Greek Khloe is really a variation of Chloe and means ‘young eco-friendly shoot’.
138 Kayla Hebrew Kayla is really a sassy name, meaning ‘laurel’.
139 Eden Hebrew This attractive and peaceful name means ‘place of pleasure’.
140 Eliza Hebrew Eliza may be the diminutive of Elizabeth and means ‘pledged to God’.
141 Rose Latin Rose is among the most used floral names.
142 Ariel Hebrew This Scriptural name means ‘lion of God’.
143 Tune Greek Indeed a melodious pick, Tune describes ‘song’.
144 Alexis Greek Alexis is really a female derivative of Alexander and means ’defender of mankind’.
145 Isabel Spanish Isabel may be the Spanish variation of Elizabeth and means ‘pledged to God’.
146 Sydney French Sydney is really a French name, meaning ‘white meadow’.
147 Juliana Latin This regal name is really a female variation from the name Julian and means ‘youthful’.
148 Lauren British An attractive option to that old-fashioned Laura, Lauren means ‘laurel tree’.
149 Iris Greek Iris is a straightforward name having a colorful meaning, this means ‘rainbow’. Selection name than this for the pretty girl?
150 Emerson German Emerson is really a lovely German name, meaning ‘son of Emery’.
151 London British This capital from the United kingdom will make a beautiful reputation for your girlfriend.
152 Morgan Welsh This dignified Welsh name means ‘seashore’.
153 Lilly French Lilly may be the secondary spelling of Lily.
154 Charlie British Charlie is really a cute and engaging name meaning ‘free being or strong’ which makes it just apt for a kid who is filled with spirit.
155 Aliyah Hebrew This name is really a spelling variation of Aaliyah, meaning ‘highborn’ or ‘exalted’.
156 Valeria Latin It’s a beautiful Latin name meaning ‘strength’.
157 Arabella Latin A stylish ‘elle’ ending name, meaning ‘yielding to prayer’.
158 Sara Hebrew Sara is really a streamlined and modern type of the name Sarah.
159 Finley Scottish If you would like your girlfriend to develop track of quite the hero-like quality, consider Finely, this means ‘fair-haired hero’.
160 Trinity Latin This ethereal name has spiritual characteristics. It refers back to the ‘holy trinity’ – Father, Boy, and Holy Spirit.
161 Ryleigh Irish Ryleigh is really a well-used type of Riley.
162 Jordyn Hebrew Jordyn is really a smooth, hipster name, meaning ‘descending’.
163 Jocelyn Latin This moniker, meaning ‘joyous’, is appealing.
164 Kimberly British It’s a elegant and delicate name, meaning ‘ruler’.
165 Esther Persian Oldie but goldie’, this name has a great-old charm into it. This means ‘star’.
166 Molly Irish This adorable name means ‘bitter’.
167 Valerie Latin The Spanish accent for this name provides it with a classy vibe.
168 Cecilia Latin A lacy and delicate name, meaning ‘blind’.
169 Anastasia Greek This name is ideal for babies born on Christmas since it means exactly that, ‘born on Christmas day’.
170 Daisy Flower Name Daisy is really a name with a number of literary associations.
171 Reese Welsh Reese Witherspoon single-handedly propelled this name to recognition. This means ‘ardor’.
172 Laila Arabic A very beautiful and lilting variation of Lyla. This means ‘night’.
173 Mya Greek Mya is really a variation of Maya and means ‘illusion’.
174 Amy French Amy is really a short and sweet name, meaning ‘beloved’.
175 Teagan Welsh Teagan is booming in recognition in america. It is only suitable for your child girl because it means ‘beautiful, fair’.
176 Amaya Japanese Searching for any nature-inspired name? Choose Amaya, this means ‘night rain’.
177 Elise French Elise may be the French variant of Elizabeth and means ‘pledged to God’.
178 Harmony Word Name A moniker that’s prone to spread harmony inside your child’s existence.
179 Paige British Paige means ‘attendant’.
180 Adaline British Adaline is really a variant of Adeline. This name is both stylish and delicate, and means ‘noble’.
181 Fiona Irish Fiona is really a beautiful name and it has a fragile touch into it. This means ‘white, fair, clear’.
182 Alaina Irish This variation of Alana sounds far more distinctive compared to original. This means ‘harmony’.
183 Nicole Latin An attractive name, Nicole means ‘victorious people’.
184 Genevieve British An ideal pick for moms and dads who would like a gen-sounding name. This means ‘tribe woman’.
185 Lucia Spanish Lucia may be the name to indicate the brightness your girlfriend introduced to your lives. This means ‘light’.
186 Alina Slavic A globally popular name meaning ‘bright and beautiful’.
187 Mckenzie Scottish Mckenzie is a reasonably jazzy name which has a huge possibility to rise the name charts. Mckenzie means ‘son of Coinneach, boy from the fair one’.
188 Callie Greek Callie is really a stylish name meaning ‘beautiful’.
189 Payton British This British name means ‘a fighting man’s estate’.
190 Eloise French Eloise is really a rare name along with a styish one too. This means ‘famous warrior’.
191 Brooke British Women with this particular name are usually gracious, elegant, and effective. This means ‘small stream’.
192 Londyn British This spelling variation based in london includes a high chance of surpassing the initial.
193 Mariah Hebrew Probably the most preferred pronunciations of Maria, Mariah means ‘bitter’.
194 Julianna Latin This spelling was popularized by actress Julianna Margulies. This means ‘young’.
195 Rachel Hebrew A fragile and modest name meaning ‘female sheep’.
196 Daniela Daniela may be the female variant of Daniel. This means ‘God is my judge’.
197 Gracie British A lately elevated short type of Elegance.
198 Catherine Greek Probably the most consistently used girl’s names, Catherine means ‘pure’.
199 Angelina Greek The Greek variation of Angela, meaning ‘angel’.
200 Presley British This is of Presley is ‘priest’s meadow’.
201 Josie Hebrew Josie is really a diminuitve of Josephine. This means ‘Jehovah increases’.
202 Harley British Harley is really a humble name meaning ‘hare field, lengthy field’.
203 Adelyn French This variant of Adeline has rocketed in the list. This means ‘noble’.
204 Vanessa Greek This name oozes sensual charm. This means ‘butterfly’.
205 Makayla Hebrew Makayla may be the flipped pronunciation of Michael and means ‘one who’s like God’.
206 Parker British Parker seems like a real-blue British name but is popular around the globe. This means ‘park keeper’.
207 Juliette French Juliette is really a diminutive of Julie and means ‘youthful’.
208 Amara Nigerian Amara, the Nigerian name, meaning ‘beloved, kindness, and mercy’ is extremely well-liked by African-Americans. We believe it’s an attractive choice for parents who wish to celebrate their African heritage.
209 Marley German Marley is really a shorter form of Marlene. It’s trendy and charming name meaning ‘pleasant seaside meadow’.
210 Lila Arabic Among the double-l seem names which have caught on, Eloise means ‘blue’.
211 Ana French Ana is really a cheerful and vibrant name meaning ‘favor, grace’.
212 Rowan Irish Rowan means, ‘tree with red berries, little redhead’. It’s a red berry tree that’s common in Scotland and it is thought to defend against evil.
213 Alana Irish Alana is definitely an appealing name which means ‘rock, harmony’. Its nicknames are Aly, Al, and Ana.
214 Michelle French This dainty name has been around vogue because the Beatles sang about this. This means ‘who is much like God’.
215 Malia Hawaiian All because of Malia Obama, Michelle and Barack Obama’s daughter to make this unusual and different form of Mary familiar. This is of Malia is ‘calm’ or ‘peaceful’.
216 Rebecca Hebrew This moniker represents the wonder within the Bible. This means ‘servant of God’.
217 Brooklynn British The additional ‘n’ adds pizzazz for this name.
218 Brynlee American Brynlee means ‘fearless and attractive’. Its nicknames include Bryn, Bee, and Lee.
219 Summer time Word name Summer time is really a name filled with sunshine.
220 Sloane Irish Sloane is really a sleek and complicated name that acquired recognition after appearing in Ferris Bueller’s Break. It’s an Irish name, meaning ‘raider’.
221 Leila Arabic Leila means ‘night, dark beauty’, hence this name has been utilized in a number of romantic poems.
222 Sienna British Sienna is definitely an attractive name which means ‘reddish brown’. It’s a clay utilized in pigments and is given fire and turns reddish brown color.
223 Adriana Latin Adriana is really a lovely ‘a’ ending name meaning ‘woman of Adria’.
224 Sawyer British This name is evergreen, unique, and popular. Sawyer means ‘woodcutter’.
225 Kendall British Kendall is definitely an British name, meaning ‘valley from the river Kent’.
226 Juliet British If you’re searching for any name inspired in the Shakespearean age or books, consider ‘Juliet’. This means ‘soft haired’.
227 Future French Of all of the word names, that one is easily the most popular.
228 Alayna Irish Alayna includes a meliflous quality into it. Choose this for the young girl if you would like her to stick out. This means ‘attractive, peaceful’.
229 Elliana Latin It’s a variant of ‘Eliana’. Consider bestowing this name if you’re a firm believer in God Elliana means ‘God has answered’.
230 Diana Roman This divinely beautiful royal name is constantly on the maintain its average position this season too. Diana is really a Roman mythological name, meaning ‘divine’ or ‘sky’.
231 Hayden British Among the effective names on the market, Hayden means ‘heather-grown hill’.
232 Ayla Turkish If you’re fed up with Ava or Isla, you can look at Ayla, an offbeat name which seems like a mix of both of these. Ayla is really a Turkish name, meaning ‘halo of sunshine round the moon’ or ‘oak tree’.
233 Dakota Native American Dakota means ‘friend, ally’. Its nicknames include Koko, Kota, and Dada.
234 Angela Greek Angela is a well-liked name having a much deeper meaning along with a perfect one for the young girl, this means ‘angel, messenger of God’.
235 Noelle French An ideal reputation for women born throughout the Christmas season as Noelle means ‘Christmas’.
236 Rosalie French Rosalie, the German and French type of ‘rose,’ is frequently selected by Catholic parents to recognition the twelfth-century Sicilian saint from the name. Its old-fashioned antique charm may be a primary reason behind its gaining recognition.
237 Joanna Hebrew Joanna is really a variation of ‘Johanna’ meaning ‘God is gracious’. Jo and Joan are its nick names.
238 Jayla Latin Jayla is really a unique and charming name meaning ‘to ascend, happy’.
239 Alivia Latin Alivia is really a short and sweet name along with a variant of Olivia. This means ‘olive tree’.
240 Lola Spanish Lola is really a shorter form of the Spanish Dolores. Lola means ‘sorrow’.
241 Emersyn German Parents think that this variation of Emerson having a ‘y’ in the centre helps make the name seem and appear a little more feminine so we totally accept this. Emersyn means ‘son of Emery’.
242 Georgia Greek Georgia is really a feminine form of George, this means ‘farmer’.
243 Selena Greek Selena, the Latin type of Selene is at obscurity a few years ago but has returned towards the charts now. This beautiful Greek name means ‘moon’.
244 June Latin June, signifying the sixth month of the season, is really a prime illustration of a classic-fashioned name having a revival. This straightforward, one syllable name means ‘young’.
245 Daleyza Spanish Daleyza sounds contemporary this means ‘modern invented name’.
246 Tessa Greek A shorter form of Theresa, Tessa is just like confirmed name.
Tessa means ‘harvester, reaper’.
247 Maggie Greek Maggie is really a shorter form of Magnolia and Margaret, and Maggie means ‘pearl’.
248 Jessica Hebrew Jessica means ‘watchful’. Jessy is its sweet nickname.
249 Remi French This fashionable and adorable name, meaning ‘oarsman’ is climbing countless spots each year. If you would like, you may also consider its alternative spelling, Remy.
250 Delaney Irish Delaney, an Irish name meaning ‘dark challenger’, acquired recognition because of parents’ inclination to make use of last names as first names.
250 Most widely used little girl names with meanings for 2019-2020 in the top

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250 Most widely used little girl names with meanings for 2019-2020 the specific


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